Floral trousers

IMG_1184[1]I made these pants using New Look 6035 and fabric gifted from my sister.

IMG_1199[1](I’ve made everything on this pattern at some stage or other.)

The first time I made these pants it was a total fail. I thought they were really unflattering and they rode down alarmingly at the back which made me very scared of exposing large sections of rump! I decided to give them a second chance and made the following alterations:

  1. I added about 5cms to the back panels, grading those down towards the side seams.
  2. I graded the side seams of the front panels up.
  3. I made the waist band the next size up (as usual)
  4. I added about 5cm of length to the legs – I didn’t need to do this as it turned out.

Next time I think I would also shape in the upper legs too as they are quite baggy on me below the hip and while I didn’t want them to be skin tight, I do think a bit more of a streamlined thigh would make for a nicer fit.



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