The Hebe Bomber

IMG_1247I made this cute little bomber jacket using Papercut Pattern‘s Rigel Bomber pattern. The vintage fabric was gifted from a dress maker friend and I bought the trim and the zip from Spotlight. The colour way was suggested by my mother and is reminiscent of the lovely NZ native flower, the hebe.


I’ve never used a Papercut Pattern before. It was beautifully presented and so nice to buy NZ Made. This pattern has been super popular on the interwebular with lots of the cool kids of the blogisphere making it. The biggest critique has been that it isn’t lined. That didn’t really bother me. The pattern was quick, easy to follow and fun to make. My only comment would be that when you’re used to sewing with the Big Four pattern makers and using a 1.5cm seam allowance, that having a 1cm seam allowance for your pattern and not liberally splashing that all over your instructions might catch some people out. Other than that, the pattern is cut more to an NZ fit so I could have gone down a size had I wanted to.



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