The Leftovers T-Shirts

Recently I have made two self-drafted t-shirts from leftover fabric combinations from other projects. One t-shirt was for me, another was a VERY belated birthday present for a good friend.

You may recognise the fabric in this tee from this skirt I made last year. I love the fact that I used the sleeves and the neck binding pretty much as is from the second hand t-shirt I bought to go with the paisley when I made the skirt.

IMG_1427I also love how happy my lovely friend Sophia looks wearing it! She was so excited it was finished she picked it up at 7.30am. I was not anywhere near as presentable at that time of the morning.


This tee was made from leftovers from this jacket. (I think I actually prefer the tee.)


It’s really easy to wear, comfy, yet smart enough for work. The perfect crime!


I’ve loved how satisfying it is to use up leftover fabric on these two projects.

You will notice that I am bringing my low-fi blogging style with me into 2015. Still just me, pictures taken on the phone and location supplied by my actual location 🙂

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