Kimono style top

This sweet little top is made from two separate lots of gifted fabric. The body fabric is from my sis when we cleaned out her stash over Christmas – I love the Japanese feel of the fabric and that was what led the design. The sleeves are made from silk that came in the bag of fabric that just goes on giving from a family friend. It was a very small piece and I used pretty much all of it! IMG_1758The pattern is taken from a 1970 Simplicity pattern, 9037, that I have a feeling I picked up at a garage sale many moons ago. (Although I could be wrong about that.) I didn’t include the back darts and I made a keyhole opening with a button and loop closure. I also made the sleeves longer to give it a more Kimono type vibe. IMG_1681 This pattern was a doddle to sew and I know I will be making other iterations of this. *Probably because I already have 😉 IMG_1649 I’m not normally a ‘selfie’ kind of gal, but this was for #whomademyclothes on Fashion Revolution day. A great initiative and part of the reason I choose to sew so much of my wardrobe and use second hand fabric.

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