Linen & Leather (a two for one post)

This is the second iteration of the top pattern I drafted off Simplicity 9037, the 1970 version. The lapis blue linen I picked up for $2 at Save Mart. The [p]leather I bought 20cm of from The Fabric Store.

IMG_1794 I put an exposed zip in the centre back seam to highlight the juxtaposition of the linen with the wet look finish.
And now for the two-for-one:

In this picture I am wearing top-to-toe home made garments (on the outside at least). I have paired the top with a pair of pants made from Simplicity 3688. These are also fashioned from vintage fabric – a very hessian-like wool tweed that I purchased about 5 metres of for $10 if memory serves.


I’ve realised that pants don’t photograph so well on the hanger so I’ve just taken a little close up of the top of the pants. I french seamed these suckers and hand picked the zip. Yeah!

IMG_1801This top (and the subsequent outfit combo) was a pinsperation taken from this outfit that I pinned recently from my favourite pinterest board Fancy Pants.

9 thoughts on “Linen & Leather (a two for one post)

    1. Sometimes you can get some good scores there for sure! It’s variable from SM to SM I find though, this one was Cranford St. Where do you find good for second hand fabric in Chch?


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