The epiphany of the crotch seam! (Another two for one post)

This is my second waterfall front jacket. (I have a confession to make: I gave the other one away. It just never felt like me.) This one is made from grey NZ merino from The Fabric Store. I love cardis and this is a way of making a slightly smarter version of a cardi for work.


I have paired this with a pair of pants made from a lovely navy brocade with a hint of stretch – also from the fabric store. These are the pants that are made from the old school pattern that goes on giving that I have already used here.


This is where it gets interesting folks. Over Christmas while hanging with my awesome sister and simultaneously surfing pinterest I came across this:

Talk about blow my mind! I have always added fabric at the waistband as my low, “peachy rump” (husbands description, not mine) has meant I have regular issues with pants riding down at the back. Well as it turns out I should be making a lower, more rounded crotch seam. So on these pants I did a full crotch adjustment – hereafter referred to as a FCA – and while certainly not a perfect solution my first time trying, it has made a huge difference. I will certainly be doing this with every pair of pants I make from now on. Huzzah, huzzah. Vive le FCA!


7 thoughts on “The epiphany of the crotch seam! (Another two for one post)

  1. can’t believe you pulled it off! Well I can, because you care about such things and getting them right – INPUT anyone??? Well done fab ensemble x


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