Whisky and Dark Chocolate Dress

Having made two tops using my vintage Simplicity pattern 9037, I decided I should use it to make the dress as well. (I can’t see myself making the jacket or coat anytime soon, but never say never…)


The lovely paisley fabric is from the bag of fabric that was given to me by a family friend. Talk about the gift that goes on giving! I’m unsure what it is, possibly silk or a polyester impostor posing as silk.

I happened to be making a Whisky and Dark Chocolate Tart for my husband’s birthday at the time I was making this dress and I thought it was a suitable name for the dress, the colours certainly made me think of whisky and dark chocolate – yum!

IMG_1681I love the finished result on, it’s easy and stylish and, I think, very flattering too. However it doesn’t photograph very well so I’ve included two action shots: #1 is no makeup, in the kitchen but I think a better feel for the dress; #2 is makeup and better lighting with no distracting background, but possibly not the most indicative of the dress.



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