Smartypants – Ethical Fashion with Naomi!

A guest post I wrote for one of my favourite blogs. Enjoy.

Introducing Naomi van den Broek!

“During the day I work full time helping not for profits with their fundraising objectives. In my other life, I’ve been a performer in NZ and overseas for 20 years. I endeavour to be a good human and live in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive way. I love to eat, talk, read, sing, ride my bike, and create things. I live with my husband who is a composer and UC lecturer, 2 cats named Douglas and Rita, and 2 chickens called Betty White and Yolko Ono.”

You can find more from Naomi on her blog and her website.

Ethical fashion is a multi-faceted issue that can be so overwhelming to make informed choices about. It can lead to ‘what the hell’ syndrome – a type of inertia that is a result of, “Well, I can’t find bras that aren’t made in China, so what…

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