Oh look, a pony!

I had a significant birthday last year. It had a 0 on the end of it. A special friend, who knows me well, gave me a voucher for The Fabric Store. Now that’s a friend!

I made the most of it and shopped from the heart rather than the brain. Fellow sewers, you’re feeling me right?!

I ❤ horses – always have, always will. So how could I pass up this awesome fabric?


It’s some form of 100% virgin acrylic – redolant of that 70s marvel, crimplene. The neck binding is made from a dead silk dress from the same friend who bought me the voucher. (More to come on her in later posts.)

I feel the need to point out that the ponies are trekking in regular lines across seams and sleeve heads. Roll ’em, roll ’em, roll ’em!



I made it up in a version of my Silky T pattern. Other versions here and here and here.

Very happy cowgirl in this number.

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