Salse Verde.

You may remember that I was given a fabric voucher for The Fabric Store from a friend for my birthday last year.

Well, the other piece of fabric I purchased was this very cool Italian fabric that was a bit like something you would see on a 70s deck chair. It is the most delicious green. Clearly it was love at first sight!


I used the pattern that goes on giving: Simplicity 9037. Other versions can be seen here, here, and here.


I lined it with a navy blue poly cotton. Because the green fabric has, for want of a better descriptor, holes in it, I chose to build the fabric onto the lining for each pattern piece. This took longer, but meant that the resulting garment has no unsightly darts showing through on the outer layer.


(Showing what I believe is an appropriate amount of midriff for a 40 year old!)

Buon appetito!


13 thoughts on “Salse Verde.

    1. Sadly these belong to my sister. I’ve only been the caretaker while she has been overseas, and I will have to return them soon as she has come back. I’d rather have her than the buttons though so it’s a win!

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