Everythings coming up(cycled) roses.

This is an actual true story guys.

You know it’s a kick ass bookclub when someone turns up one night with two rubbish bags full of vintage clothes from an elderly friend’s wardrobe clear out. It was a very democratic and gracious process as to who got what, but I scored some sweet treats! IMG_8080.JPG

In the bag were a number of Austi Frocks. I believe this is what they are called anyway, but google can’t confirm it. In a nutshell: sported by a woman in later years of her life, 100% virgin polyester, usually in a print, elastic waisted, hit below the knee. Often accesorised with one of those little canvas shopping trollies on wheels.

If it’s not stating the obvious I am a sucker for a good print! And (again probably stating the obvious) I love blue and red. I took this puppy, hacked off the top, folded over the edge and made an elastic casing.


About a half hour job. No guts, all glory.



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