All Aboard the Deco Ship.

IMG_8041I am a huge fan of all things 20s and 30s. So I had a fabric-gasm when I found this fabric while in Adelaide with my talented sister. IMG_8046

Given that I pretty much LIVE in pants, I immediately thought of some 30s style, wide legged, pants that would be suitable for boating in the French Riviera. Or for work. Whatever.

I made my own pattern using a combination of the waistband from New Look 6035 and my trusty pants pattern that I drafted years ago. I also did a FCA (full crotch adjustment) using some tools that I made. What a fun couple’s activity that was for husband and I 😉


While this did result in a better fitting crotch, some of my fundamental lack of understanding of geometry and 3D led to the centre crotch being placed on an angle which meant the leg seams were also on an angle. Lessons for next time.

This lead to these pants being left unloved and unwanted for months without being worn. Part of the issue was also that I made them in winter and I ended up feeling like the fourth Bee Gee rather than Katherine Hepburn when I tried to style them.

Fast forward to summer, and on husband’s advice I gave them another go. Many comments from colleagues and bystanders ensued. And shock, horror, no one notices the seams! (That of course being one of the many advantages of a busy print.)


These pants will live to sail another day. Ahoy.




17 thoughts on “All Aboard the Deco Ship.

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    The print on this fabric is so amazing. I don’t notice a problem with the seams. I am glad I am not the only one who fusses over things in my sewing that no one else ever notices. I just thought I was a neurotic sewer, but apparently other people have these problems too. Cheers, Michele

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    1. Sure does! And also just really interesting to see the difference between your own crotch shape and what is on the pattern. Has really made me realise why some patterns have been disasters in the past!


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