Love All.

This week is my fifth wedding anniversary and in honour of that, check out this spunk! My husband is awesome. He is very creative and loves that I sew. He even helps me with fit and finish (oh yes – he is a very patient man too!)

He is a gun tennis player and commissions tennis shorts with particular specs. He is a big fan of Stan Wawrinka and his rather controversial shorts from the French Open.


This season he asked for a version of these, or as close as we could get. We found some checked cotton in The Fabric Store in a peach, mint and chocolate brown and I used New Look 6321 to whip them up. I cut the fabric on the bias to get the checks on the diagonal and for maximum movement. However there was not a snowballs chance I could line up the checks. Thankfully Husband isn’t too worried about minor details like that. His eyes are on the bigger prize – the win!


He likes a low deep pocket to keep spare balls in (insert rude joke here) and this year I reinforced the seams of this pocket with cotton tape and put a tab across the bottom. This pocket gets rough treatment and most years is almost completely ripped away from the seam by the end of the season. Let’s see what happens this year!


Photos taken upon arriving home after giving the opposing team a solid trouncing!





9 thoughts on “Love All.

  1. A bit late but congrats on your wedding anniversary!! I love it how (most) men don’t care about details like matching plaid when you make them stuff. Much easier!

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