Hercule Poirot and the case of the Cardi-Coat

I may have mentioned (a couple of times) that I love all things 20s and 30s. My ideal wardrobe might fit in well with an episode of Poirot where people just casually walk around wearing things like this:


Now if only I could fit that hat through the door of the office!

Conversely I am a total slob when I am at home. I really do dress like a drifter. One of my favourite items is a rather attractive cardi I bought for $2 that might fit in with an episode of Kath & Kim. It is not at all dissimilar to this delightful item. Judge if you will.

Ausi cardi

I wanted to make a version of this which would not be so repugnant to the general population so I could wear it outside the house. So I took a pattern off my trusty multi-coloured dream and whipped it up in some ice blue upholstery velvet I bought second hand on a road-trip to Oamaru with my best guy.


Quite, quite happy with the end result. I feel like I could be painting water-colours on the French Riviera in an episode of Poirot, or hanging out with Iris Apfel. I love the kimono-esque vibe and just how damn comfy it is.


Case closed.

8 thoughts on “Hercule Poirot and the case of the Cardi-Coat

  1. How bizarre! Not your cardi coat, it’s great and the fabric is lovely, but I’ve just been writing a post on how much I love the clothes worn by Miss Marple.
    Poiret’s friend Miss Lemon has some fabulous outfits too! Think we should start a new trend revival.

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