Abstract Expressionism.

For my birthday last year, my wonderful friend Justine, bought me Home Sewn, a book produced by the New Zealand Fashion Museum. It features a lovely article about the history of New Zealand fashion, some tips and how-tos, and – most importantly – 10 patterns by prominent New Zealand designers.IMG_8052

Sew much fun! 😉

The pattern that most appealed to me was the Abstract top, by Company of Strangers. Not at all my usual thing, but it spoke to me, called me if you will.


I was also given this fabric from a family friend for my birthday. It’s unusual fabric, it’s shot with an iridescent thread of some description, which made the fabric a very shiny purple. I decided to use the underside of this fabric, which was a lovely rose pink, with just a touch of the iridescence showing through – mainly when it gets hit by light. It was EXTREMELY difficult fabric to cut out (I had to cut the front panel three times) and moved around a lot when I sewed. Patience and perseverance paid off.


One thing to note about using this book, is there is a BIG difference in reading instructions written by pattern makers, and instructions written by designers! I’m guessing it might be like the difference between being taught to drive by a driving instructor or being taught to drive by Michael SchumacherI had to read the instructions so many times, and also, no diagrams! It did at times remind me of my favourite French & Saunders sketch of all time (which I used to be able to find on YouTube but for some reason is now only at this Russian site).

But after only having to unpick twice, I am really happy with the end result. It’s a really different look for me, but I am very impressed with how flattering the end result is. Especially considering the amount of fabric involved.

So many people have commented on what a cute top this is. In fact when I was wearing this outfit on my bike the other day, a total stranger said: “You look like you should be in a French film!”


Merci beaucoup!


11 thoughts on “Abstract Expressionism.

  1. Looks like a great book. It’s funny how we all stick to what we think is our look and restrict ourselves to wear what we think we suit- I’m guilty of it too!
    So good for you to try something different, and the huge bonus that it worked.
    The top looks fab on you and the colour is gorgeous.

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