Flower Child.

This cute little T-shirt is made from two lots of second hand fabric and self drafted. The body fabric (100% synthentic, pre-lycra stretch) I bought in Geraldine, the same time I bought the fabric for my Ribbed & Striped Top.


The coral t-shirt knit was from the Salvation Army in Addington, Christchurch. I’ve had some OK fabric scores there over the past few years. In this instance though, I should have been more careful. 

There are types of fabric, if I see them, that I will almost always buy:

  1. Sweatshirting
  2. Ribbing – for cuffs etc
  3. Cotton prints – provided I like the print
  4. Stretch t-shirt knits

The coral fabric fit into category 4, and there appeared to be a decent quantity of it. It was all tied up with a ribbon, and I stupidly did not untie the ribbon and check the full story. When I got it home, it turned out to be a bundle of 6 squares of this fabric, almost like fat quarters. What?! Anyway, lessons for next time.


Peace out.


14 thoughts on “Flower Child.

  1. On No! I’d be mad if my nicely coloured bundle of fabric turned out to be little squares?? However you still found a very pretty use for them, a very lovely t-shirt. Don’t you find these type of knits hard to find?

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      1. Hadn’t thought about it in definite terms before?
        It’s pretty much 1) cottons with interesting/retro prints 2) heavyweight anything with a texture, i.e. linen, barkcloth, corduroy, twill, woolens.
        We’re talking thrift shop finds specifically, there is no fabric I will automatically say yes to at full retail price.
        Stretch fabrics are not on my automatic buy list, they are judged on a case-by-case basis and have to really sell themselves to me if they want me to sew them, but I may be warming up to them. A little more sewing and throwing and we’ll see if they make it onto the short list.

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      2. Totally thrift only here, stretch not an always buy at full price, actually nothing is an always buy at retail. But second hand, there is so much you can’t find. And I want to buy second hand as much as possible. Retail: case by case, and usually an interesting and unusual print.


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