Dressing as a piece of fruit.

Dressing as fruit is a thing guys. I will take guesses in the comments as to what fruit I am, and points if you can point out three identifying markers.

I made this sleeveless blouse / shirt last year but never got around to taking photos and talking about it.


It’s a total stash buster this one. The collar is made from a very small piece of silk that was in the bag of fabric gifted from a family friend, as is the placket. The collar piece was one that I really wanted to find a special use for. The buttons were from the rather extensive collection belonging to my sister that I have been stewarding while she is overseas.

The body of the shirt is made from some sort of brocaded poly / light weight cotton given to me by my sister when I visited her Christmas 2014. It was not pleasant to cut out or sew, so the fact that I have a wearable garment at all is a miracle!

I used Simplicity 7214, a vintage pattern from the late 60s given to me / us by a family friend – a different one from the bag of fabric treats. I’ve made this shirt pattern a few times. It’s very simple: no yoke, one piece collar, no darts or other shaping elements. I have, however, redrafted the collar piece so that no one starts asking me whether I love the nightlife and / or love to boogie.


(I feel the need to point out that this pattern has a printing error on the cover, in that it’s totally out of focus in a headache inducing way. This is not only the result of my low-fi photography!)

For this iteration of the pattern, I made it sleeveless for those occasional unbearable, norwest, summer days we get here. I made bias binding to bind the edges of the sleeves with, as facing on a sleeveless arm-hole really grinds my gears!


Don’t normally wear a lot of pink, but quite happy with the result.

One of our clients at work calls this my “showgirl shirt”. Clearly he’s never been to Vegas! But I do like that it stands out – even from the rest of my colourful wardrobe – as something a bit fun and showy. And I have enjoyed pairing it with my new green trousers for even more retina overload.

Nutritional fun fact: this outfit can count as part of your 5+ a day.


26 thoughts on “Dressing as a piece of fruit.

  1. Watermelon! Black and white seeds, green and white viening on the outer rind, pink fruit.
    I like that you used up three fabrics, plus buttons here.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Definitely watermelon! It all works together very well. You may have to wait until next summer unless you have a cardigan to match as I think our Norwesters are behind us!


    1. I hear that Andrea! Clearly that photo was taken early February!! Today it’s a blazer and sweatshirt. But it is nice to have those little treasures that have a specific purpose.


  3. So cute!! I love the pink with the contrast collar and placket! How very clever and it’s so very ‘watermelon’ ! I love vintage patterns and your use of this one is perfection.

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  4. Great use of using the little pieces of fabrics, and lovely result. I’ve been adding collars and cuffs to my refashioning stash, just in case!!!
    I’m 100% with you on the binding the armhole, any solution to eliminating an irritating facing is an absolute for me too.

    Liked by 1 person

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