You better check yourself.

Yet another from my tnt (tried and true donchaknow) Simplicity 9037. At last count, four tops and one dress.


This one is made from some lovely soft lightly brushed checked cotton in pink and navy. This fabric comes from a massive haul me and my sister recently had at a local op shop where we were invited to “see what was in the backroom” and ended up taking home two banana boxes full to bursting of fabric for a paltry $20. Dreams can come true y’all.


Nothing much else to say apart from worn twice in first week.

Check it.


26 thoughts on “You better check yourself.

  1. Really cute! I love any thing with raglan sleeves and your top is no exception! I can’t believe you found a ton of fabric for $20. I want your fairy godmother.

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    1. It wasn’t until we were in the car that the squealing started. Inside, it was all “Be cool”, but it sure felt like a magical moment.
      I’m also a fan of the raglan sleeve.

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