Purpose vs Plan

I had this idea that I wanted to post every week in 2016, with the idea being that it would ensure that creativity features in my life regularly. And I’ve done well until April. However, the plan should not rule the purpose so I’m being kind to myself at the moment and will post when I can.

In February I was given the role of Blanche in a local production of A Streetcar Named Desire. I have LOVED this play since I first read it at about 19 years of age and have wanted to play Blanche since then. (Thankfully there are still some characters left on the bucket list at this stage of my life!) However, aside from the three rehearsals a week and the sheer intensity of the play, there are SO.MANY.LINES to learn so sewing has had to take a bit of a backseat for a while.

In saying that, I am currently working on a costume for Blanche made from a lovely 1948 Vogue pattern my sister gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I’m looking forward to sharing the finished product that when it’s done! (Also, the play runs May 11 – 28 so I could feasibly kill most of Me Made May this year with this one dress if needed!!)


In the meantime my stash and I are just sharing wistful, heartfelt looks across the room and I’m keeping myself happy by making plans. Jo over at Stuff I Have Made recently posted a post about her upcoming sewing plans and said this:

“There are probably a million other things I’d like to make, but I don’t want to get carried away. A few months ago I read something on the Sewaholic blog  about making plans for new season sewing, and Tasia suggested only picking three things to make. It’s a realistic goal, and whatever extra you make will be a bonus.”

I thought that was awesome! And it’s sort of like a creative chain letter by the time it has made its way here too.

So here are the three things I’m planning on making next:

  1. Winter maxi dress out of beautiful NZ merino in prussian blue. I got so much wear out of the summer dress I made this year, that I thought I would make something similar for winter. So easy to wear and perfect for traveling. I’m going to use a vintage 90s pattern I picked up for $1 in an op-shop.IMG_8136
  2. The Named Esme cardigan. This is my first Named pattern and I have to confess that since I discovered them earlier this year (I know, where have I been?!) I pretty much love just about every pattern of theirs. I’m going to make this out of some lovely open weave wool tartan that I bought at another op-shop earlier this year. This garment fits in well with my overriding desire to wear pyjamas for day wear. Dressing gown anyone?IMG_8138
  3. Pants, pants, pants – but which pair will it be? I have bought both the Named Alpi Chino pattern and the Papercut Patterns Guise pants. Which will I make first? The tension is palpable. Let me know if you’ve made either of these and what your thoughts are.IMG_8141

I also treated myself to two other Papercut Patterns recently too. I have a feeling there will be a fair amount of bonus sewing happening once the play is over! ❤


What are your plans for the new season of sewing?

11 thoughts on “Purpose vs Plan

  1. Congratulations on getting the role – & the chance to make and wear that lovely frock.
    I like your pattern selection – I didn’t know about Named patterns either.
    I’m just trying to get my 1934 suit and blouse finished, but I know I’ll see more things I want to do.

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  2. Well Namibia, sometimes life takes over and you have to go with it. Being in the play will be brilliant, and your dress is looking gorgeous. For MMMay you could always feature a different detail of the dress or different views of it in the play, I would love to see some of those anyway??
    I never have a list or plans of what to make, maybe because I never have a fabric stash, I just see what I want to make as I go along!! You’re list is looking very organised.
    Have a great time with the play, I wish you lots of success with it.

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    1. Thanks Linda! I’m really looking forward to it. And I’m not sure about MMMay as I think the organisational requirements may be unreasonable for me that month. We shall see! And yes, here’s to “going with it”, not my usual state but a good way to be.

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  3. I love your Blanche dress/costume.What a great role! I like your pattern stash too and sewing plans. I’m working on a travel wardrobe myself …

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