MMM16 week 1 roundup

My first week of MMM16 is done. The photos are, well, a record if nothing else. It’s also good to do an inventory of the MM wardrobe.

What I know so far:

  • I wear a LOT of seperates
  • My mullet top needs cuffs to be added
  • My blue pants need to be taken in
  • I am reaching for more MM pants – on the list to make always, but good to know that it’s worth the effort
  • I usually look better in photos when I smile – the blue pant photo is at rehearsal and I was trying for faux dramatic serious #fail

Here’s the breakdown – (collages aren’t in perfect order this time, something  to fix for next week):

  1. May 1 – the Mullet Top
  2. May 2 – Blue trousers accesorised with other actors
  3. May 3 – Ribbed for her pleasure
  4. May 4 – Purple floral pants accesorised with very cute kitty RitaMMM1-b
  5. May 5 – Linen and (p)leather
  6. May 6 – Linen jacket and underneath a beautiful dress I had made for my 40th from vintage dupion silk. I had a TV interview and concert performance that day, so just a little more effort was made that the other days 😉
  7. May 7 – Up cycled feather sweatshirtMMM1-a

This upcycled sweatshirt is the only thing that hasn’t already featured on my blog. It was a purchase from a Salvation Army Store for about $8. It was much too large but I loved the feather print. I removed the sleeves, took it in through the sides. Took the sleeves in also, and reset them with a slight gather. I have worn and worn this. Well worth the $$ and the effort.


16 thoughts on “MMM16 week 1 roundup

  1. Love these photos! I have a pair of red trousers that I wore this week, too, and I also made a pair of floral pants last year! Seeing your lovely outfits makes me yearn for more colour and pattern in my wardrobe. Really lovely and I love to see the outfits in different settings. Keep ’em coming!

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  2. These look great and yes, a fab smile!
    It’s quite surprising how many things are made by ourselves that we wear!!
    I see you also have the almost compulsory furry pal that most sewists seem to have, including me.

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    1. I have two of them, but Rita is the one that likes to sleep by the sewing machine, usually on a pile of freshly washes fabric – if she can manage it! It’s good having the compulsory wearing factor – I’m interested to see how the month progresses.

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  3. Some fab outfits here but especially loving the floral trousers! May have to make my own (got Pants for Real People on order so will be tackling them soon!).

    I’m totally Team Separates too – so much more versatile!

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    1. It was so lovely that I couldn’t face the thought of cutting it myself! I got a lovely dressmaker to do it. The silk may well be 80s – who knows! But I love the deco vibe.

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  4. Great start to MMMay16! I love your mullet top – what a great idea! May have to snaffle that one as I have some sequin fabric in my stash!

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