It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.

So, MMM16. Guys, I’m out. With work, and the play, and having a life (or trying to), I just actually can’t prioritise taking photos every day of what I’m wearing. Maybe next year…


But, here’s something at least. I whipped up this lovely merino dress using Butterick 3551, a 90s pattern I picked up for $1 in Wellington. It’s made from beautiful NZ Merino from The Fabric Store.


I made a few adjustments: a dropped waist, rather  than a raised one; binding the neck rather than facing it; and no zip – please 90s pattern, overkill much?! Other than that, all pretty much standard.


Except for one thing, I looked at the wrong view when purchasing the fabric and purchased the amount for the short dress rather than the long one! Oops. Some rather fussy cutting ensued and it now has the design feature of a much narrower front skirt panel than in the pattern. Winning.


22 thoughts on “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue.

    1. Thanks Emily Ann. I loved my drop waist Van Gogh dress I made so much, that I wanted a winter version. Also, I do feel like a high waist might be a little *young* for me.

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    1. Thanks! Play going very well, glowing reviews, happy director, and audience are enjoying it as much as you can enjoy something this heart-wrenching!


  1. Love that color on you! Sounds like the perfect sew…no zipper! And a easy dress to wear, you just pop it on. So cute! Totally get why you had to pass on MMM. Those pics take a lot of time. I had to give it a pass this year although I’m participating unofficially by trying to be more aware of what my closet has and doesn’t have.

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