Unnamed Upcycle.

Clearly inspiration has defeated me in the title field so I went for an abstract feel. If you clicked, I guess it worked. Or was it the chicken?

While I love upcycling, I am rubbish at taking the ‘before’ photos. So here is an in-process shot:

13499422_787234701412125_581183233_oI bought this teal / aquamarine coloured cardigan from an opshop I frequent. My friend Justine, whose contributions regularly feature on here, gave me an old leather skirt that had died. The two together made this rather cute little number which I am rather taken with.

IMG_8203What I did:

  • removed the buttons and button stand (which had already been actioned before my ‘before’ photo – tsk tsk)
  • made the shawl style collar out of panels of the flared skirt
  • cut a large whack off the bottom – bye bye pockets
  • made a tie-front cuff out of the original cuff and button stand
  • and lastly added patches to the sleeves

❤ ❤ ❤


‘Scuse the boofy hair and no makeup. Just keepin’ it real for the weekend folks.

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