This skirt is not photogenic.

I bought this fabric about 8 years ago, gave it to my sister, she gave it back – when I was in my ill-fated ‘Bowline phase’ – and it has eventually become this very un-photogenic maxi skirt. Incidentally a skirt it what I was planning to make when I first bought this fabric.


Rest assured it looks better IRL than it appears here.

I self-drafted this pattern using my own measurements and the side of a 70s A-line skirt pattern of my mother’s I have in my stash for the grading of the A and to get the hem curve accurate. The elastic in the casing is recycled from a pair of husband’s old tennis shorts that got retired from the grand-slam circuit to the rag-bag today. It was a doddle to sew, and my measuring created a fit that I was very happy with.


I wore this out to the movies the same day I made it. Funny story: we went to see a film in the NZ Film Festival, invited my parents to attend with us, and then were treated to almost 3 hours of film with frequent explicit sex scenes. I spent a bit of time looking at my lap / new skirt.




23 thoughts on “This skirt is not photogenic.

  1. Hilarious but awkward story, I hope everyone found it funny 😳 Your skirt looks lovely, I think the vertical stripes are fab and the bottom looks like it has a bit of swish.

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    1. Thanks. I can see it will become a family joke for years to come. Skirt certainly swishes and glad I went for vertical – saves pattern matching on the side seams 😉


  2. I just have to share my funny story too…and forgive me for bringing my daughter into it again, I just don’t seem to be able to help it. They had a drama exam in front of the parents on Saturday evening. She did “I am Tired” from the Mel Brooks Musical “Blazing Saddles” Husband and I were sitting at the back of the little auditorium. When she had done and bowed and gathered her applause, someone we knew turned around from a few rows from the front, and teased us: “Where did she get that from?” EVERYONE turned around and our red faces – pride, laughter but also embarrassment – drew lots of wise-ass comments and then more laughter and applause. That’s the thing about parents with “arty” kids…we need to be able to keep a straight face because we never know what might be sprung on us (-;

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  3. You have me in stitches dear lady😂😂. Fancy going to see sex scenes with that parentals😂. The skirt look good especially with the denim jacket – theres something about a maxi skirt and denim jacket combo…

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  4. Ah, awkward moments. Too funny. Good call looking at your pretty skirt though! I love the vertical stripes, and especially how you’ve styled it with the horizontal stripes and denim jacket up top. It’s a chic combo, and definitely photogenic.

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