You make me feel like Spring has sprung.

So I’ve been really digging on all these planning posts that have been cropping up in my feed. Love, love, love me a good list! Because then I can tick things off the list.

So that’s where I will start, by revisiting my last planning post.


The Blanche Dress – completed.

Butterick 3551 – completed.

Named Esme Cardi – completed.

Papercut Guise Pants – completed.

Named Alip Chinos (pattern in photo above) – completed today. Yet be photographed, but coming to a blog post near you soon.

Papercut Bowline Sweatshirt – completed, loathed, given away.

And now to the fun stuff! What’s coming up??!!

A self drafted sweatshirt made out of neon pink velvet from Spotlight. This fabric narrowly escaped the same fate as the silver velvet as it was intended to be a bowline. Instead it will be a dropped shoulder slouchy sweatshirt instead.img_8271

Sewhouse Seven Alberta Skirt that I won during Indie Pattern Month at The Monthly Stitch. I will make it up with this black and white wool/rayon/poly blend that I got in the great fabric haul (GFH) of earlier this year.


An A-Line tea length skirt from this pattern that has been in our family for its entire life (my mum was a proper hippie babe and rocked many long A-Line skirts) in this blue cord again from the GFH. I probably won’t make it quite as flare-y as the pattern calls for, and I may have it button through the front. We shall see.


The next pair of Papercut Guise Pants in this delightful pale lilac linen from the GFH. There is 6 metres of this, so I have visions of making a long shift dress for summer too.


Two pairs of Simple Sew Culottes. This pattern was recently gifted to me by the lovely and generous Camilla over at Making and Marking when she was destashing her pattern collection. I’m making one with the leftovers from my Spotty Lottie  (more fabric from the GFH) and a pair out of this lovely print I bought second hand in Dunedin recently. I aim to make a matching top for these to imply a jumpsuit without having to get naked to go wees.


Another boat neck knit top with this fabric from a local second hand store. It’s hard to see in this photo that where the diamonds intersect is green.


I also have a plan for Frocktover over at The Monthly Stitch too, but I will save that for now. Oh and there will be summer tops to come too. And clearly another pair of Alpi Chinos.

Oh I am so, so, so very excited by all this! Clearly I need to rethink having a job – it’s just taking too much time away from sewing.


31 thoughts on “You make me feel like Spring has sprung.

  1. Ha! Yes jobs suck! They take away time from sewing! I love my kids too but sometimes I envy the child free people who can SEW ALL the time if they wanted to :-). Lols. I am also very envious that you are now getting spring – we are in the dying embers of summer here in UK. I am also making the Alberta Street pencil skirt in the next few months. I like you dropped shoulder sweater idea and can wait to see it. Hila.x

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      1. Bias is tricky but I’m sure there are ways to stabilize a bias cut pocket.
        Claire Shaeffer has some interesting couture tips for pockets. One of them is to do a mock top-stitch. You top stitch 1/2″ or 1/4″ from the edge before sewing the pocket to the garment. After this mock topstitching, the pocket is hand sewn to the garment using a slip stitch. It’s supposed to give a very soft finish. Maybe this would work for a bias pocket.

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    1. It’s quite nice to lay it all out and see what you have a achieved, and to make a list of what next. Very satisfying. I’m looking forward to the lilac pants too. I need to make pants in colours other than blue so it will be great to get these done.

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  2. You have some lovely plans, I think I could do with sitting down with my stash and patterns and try and make plans. Look forward to seeing you creations.

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  3. The pink velvet sounds fabulous! I love the shape of the striped boat neck top on the pattern illustration at the bottom and the ‘implied’ jumpsuit sounds a great idea to avoid panic unbuttoning when rushing to the loo!

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    1. So funny! The pink velvet is having to be rethought as I make. And I’ve realised the boat necked top – totally the view I was going to make – won’t work on the fabric because of the size of the piece of fabric I have and the direction of the stretch! Best laid plans and all… But the implied still has legs 😉

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  4. What an inspiring list! Love that Blanche dress and plaid cardi,Naomi. Look forward to the blue cord tea skirt. I do remember those. So comfy. ~Cheers
    ( LOL, agree… time spent away from sewing… *sigh* 😉


  5. O, so this is how it’s done:) love all your plans but o most say….those culottes! I must have that pattern and the pink velvet has me drooling.. I love the idea of checking things off your list too, so satisfying!

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  6. I’m loving the Alpi Chinos too (partly because it sounds like a posh coffee) – looking forward to your post on them! Well done on getting through your list in between the ravages of work. Bit of a necessary evil though, isn’t it? Can’t buy supplies without a wage!

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  7. Congratulations on your sewing successes! I really loved your Esme cardigan. I think it’s a good idea to have a short list that you stick to rather than flit about from pattern to pattern with no proper plan (like me!). Looking forward to seeing your Alberta Street pencil skirt. I really like the look of that one!

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