Alberta has a checkered past.

I won this pattern during Indie Pattern Month over at The Monthly Stitch.


As my *ahem* regular readers will know, pants are my jam. In fact very few skirts feature on my blog, or in my weekly wardrobe. It was a move out of my comfort zone but I did like this pattern, and do have a thing for pencil skirts despite not having had much success with making them in the past.


This pattern was easy to make, clear – VERY clear, borderline hand holding – instructions, and simple construction. The best feature of this pattern is that all constriction is completed (barring the hem and facing of the waistband) before closing the side seams. This allows for a very personalised fit. 10 house points for Sew House Seven.


The fabric is a wool, rayon blend from the GFH (great fabric haul of 2016) and there was just enough of it to squeak this make out of it. Possibly this fabric had a more ease that was recommended for this pattern, but I ate a large plate of Vietnamese food in it with no physical discomfort so I’m Ok with that.

It’s horribly, eye-squintingly, headache inducingly hard to get a good photo of, and it looks a bit frumpy in the photos. But I feel like a stone cold fox in this skirt. Classic sexy librarian styles.


Emily Anne suggested that I try the pockets on the bias, however it almost became a no pocket situation because of the small amount of fabric I had. However, should I make this again, I think that could be quite a nifty touch!


The only adjustments I made were adding 1cm to the top right-hand side of the waistband, this means that I can hem evenly which just looks better IMO. I also added the buttons for trim on the pockets.

We will see if it can beat out pants in the work rotation.


25 thoughts on “Alberta has a checkered past.

  1. Skirt envy over here! I’ve looked at that pattern several times but just haven’t taken the plunge but I’m going to based on your review. Those pockets, and the fit are spot on. I’d definitely pass up a pair of pants to wear that skirt.

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  2. Hello, Naomi! I discovered your blog thanks to Liza Mae’s.
    I really like your version of this pattern. A pencil skirt with pockets is hard to beat so I’ll be curious to see how this one stands up to the competition with pants in your wardrobe. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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