Queue Jumper: Another Lottie.

I finished another Lottie over the weekend. It was not on my list of upcoming makes but I have wanted a white shirt for the longest time. And for some reason I had a block about making one.


It’s made from what appears to be an old sheet. I bought it as ‘fabric’ from the op-shop but it had no selvedges and then I realised I’d seen the waffle weave before in bed linen. Totally OK with this re-purposing, and the texture in the weave saves it from being too plain for my tastes. It has less drape that the satin of my first Lottie, but although that makes it much harder to photograph, I really like the crispness of the finish.

I’m also looking for ways to get more integration with my work and casual wardrobes so that there’s less need to create separate wardrobes. I showed it to hubbie when it was finished with the caveat “but I wouldn’t wear it with jeans” and he said “Why not?”

Reader: I wore it with jeans.


The Simple Sew patterns seem to really suit my figure and are nice and easy to make up and put your own stamp on – if desired. I made the sleeves that came with the pattern this time, but I added another 0.5cm at the sleeve head so I could have more control over the gathering – success!

Otherwise, no changes. And the resulting shirt is a success.img_8349**Oh and an update: I redid the darts on my diamonds top, an inch shorter made all the difference. Thanks team!**

42 thoughts on “Queue Jumper: Another Lottie.

  1. I have loved white tops this year, they go with everything and are cheerier than my usual navy’s. Your shirt looks fab, not as structured as a formal shirt means you can dress smart or casual, perfect!

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  2. Love that pattern and the linen looks so good with jeans :). I need a white blouse and somehow missed this pattern in my search. The neckline is great…must check it out!

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      1. Oh! How generous! It’s such a great style, it seems like it would be a big seller and available everywhere. I’ll do a search with your kind offer in mind if I can’t locate it:))

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  3. This looks great as did your last one. I finished my lottie blouse last week but it doesn’t seem to fit as well as yours nor does the bow look like yours 😞 the darts were too low so I had to adjust them. The shoulders don’t sit right either, such a shame as a great design.

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    1. Bummer! This pattern worked so well for me, darts and all. What a shame the fit was off for you! How is the bow different though? That shouldn’t be a fit issue. Feel free to send a photo via email if you want to discuss in private 😉 naomijoynz AT gmail DOT com

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  4. White shirts and blouses are truly hot! I mean it. They look great with jeans or a black pencil skirt. You can dress them up with silver and turquoise jewelry for casual wear and go with pearls and gold for career dressing. I’m glad you got over your block regarding them. I’m also glad your change in the length of the dart leg worked out for the diamond top.

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    1. I am a big fan of the white shirt too – for some reason I just didn’t think about making one. I’d bought them off and on for a while and they were never quite right, why did it take me so long to make one? Sometimes you just can’t see what’s right in front of you!!

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