Nostalgia value.

Take my temperature people, I mustn’t be feeling myself because here comes another skirt.


I am so happy with how this skirt came together. I had a dream, and it was realised.

In the #gfh16 I scored about 6 metres of royal blue corduroy. Quite narrow, but a large quantity. Then I had a hankering for a real 70s A-line skirt, tea length, and initially I was imagining it in denim but then the cord decided to stake its claim.

I hacked together two patterns for this wee number. New Look 6014 which isΒ  button through skirt pattern that my mum made up for my sister a long time ago – it still has her alterations written on the pattern envelope – and Style 4011 which is a vintage proper 70s A-line skirt. This was my mum’s when she was a saucy hippie girl, it was subsequently used for a number of skirts for my sisters and me, and has now found its way into my permanent pattern collection.


I took the main construction details from the New Look, but used the perfect shape of the A-line from the Style pattern for the shape. According to my measurements I was a 16 in the New Look pattern, which for a person that wears RTW 12 was a bit strange. So I adjusted the fit as I went and ended up taking in a bit at the sideseams above the hips before attaching the waistband. And I made a good, solid, tight waistband (despite my crippling fear of tight waists) and I am so happy with the resulting fit. My next pair of pants will certainly benefit!


With such narrow fabric, I had the genius idea of folding the fabric back on itself to cut my front pieces. Anyone see the impending doom approaching??!!



Not to worry, there was lots of this fabric. So I cut another front panel piece with the nap going in the right direction – and then realised I had cut the same piece I already had, two left hand front panels! There was some swearing, I’m not going to lie. Thankfully I could salvage a back panel from the extra front panel, then I slowed the whole process down and put the triple check in play before picking up the scissors.


I am totally in love with this skirt and have worn it all weekend. I’m looking forward to wearing it with chunky heeled sandals and my white Lottie as well as seeing what other possibilities I can come up with.

Because I am so enjoying the Slotober provocations, I will be adding details of other outfit elements in my regular posts for the next while at least.

  • Sneakers, made locally by Commando M
  • Belt, found on my mother-in-law’s old farm. It used to be a stud farm and this belt was found in an old shed. It has horses and rope tooled into it
  • Striped T, by ethical clothing company Kowtow
  • Scarf, my grandmothers
  • Denim jacket, second hand
  • Sunglasses, made by my friend Coral Mazlin Designs


38 thoughts on “Nostalgia value.

  1. Wonderfully done! That cord looks absolutely sumptuous and of course you get my full approval for the colour, style, execution and pattern hanking (oh and the lunch-accessible but not slouchy waistband). High five! Now I want one..

    I also really like the details at the bottom of the post. I think it’s a nice idea as it does remind one to think about these things. You’ve prompted me to reflect on all of the older things that I have and love and how to cycle my wardrobe around a bit more. All good stuff – thank you!

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    1. PS Ha ha I have totally done that cutting thing once or twice myself. There is always a solution though, isn’t there? Usually when something like this happens I realize that I need to step away from the fabric for a while, as obviously I was stressed or rushing (not that this is what you were doing). I always do my best work when I work very slowly. πŸ™‚

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      1. Oh yes! For me it was some out loud self talk like: Slow down Naomi. And then some deep breaths, and then a very slow and thorough approach moving forward.


    2. Thanks! I’m so happy. I can just see this being such a go to piece. And it was really nice to include the other details and I think it will really make me notice which items of my wardrobe get worn and worn and worn… Which in turn can be used to see where to invest either time or $$ when adding to the wardrobe.


      1. I have so many beautiful accessories and they are mainly second hand or inherited. I have to say that when it comes to new accessories, I can’t afford what I like! I have very specific tastes and those stores all full of mass produced jewellery and other accessories just don’t appeal – and make me feel sad. So I am lucky that my grandmother had amazing taste and kept everything, and that I have had some very good scores in op-shops over the years.

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    1. Thanks Emma. This was one of the rare occasions where I didn’t have enough buttons in my stash and had to **BUY** some. But I knew that wooden, chunky buttons would be the ticket.

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  2. Aaaah this skirt is so fabulous on you! It’s like 70’s met 80’s and they had a 90’s baby who totally digs 2016 style! πŸ™‚

    Also – nap on corduroy. Ugh. I always second guess myself when cutting that stuff out.

    Thanks for the heads up about the local show company – I am totally going I go and check them out!

    (Also, I have that 70’s skirt pattern too. One day I will give into temptation and make the variation with the two colour swirls. Wanna join me? We can be crazy swirly skirt people together! πŸ˜‰

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    1. Hahaha! I love my decade-neutral baby!
      Kowtow are great and EXCELLENT quality. Their style is very specific so I just get basic items from them but I have 2 pairs of undies and 2 t-shirts and I have been super happy with all.
      I would need to hack the size of the swirly, but I am not gonna lie: I’ve been VERY tempted. And as part of a crazy, swirly skirt team that would be amazing.
      Imagine how precise your notching would need to be though…


      1. Definitely not a pattern to attempt with anything slippery or with much give along the bias!! Eek!!!!

        I reckon we should do it. Yes yes! Swirly skirts for eva!!!! πŸ˜€

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  3. Kudos to you and your mum for keeping this fab skirt pattern. Navy cord such a classic look for all seasons, sans summer maybe. I feel your grief on the nap and cutting {{{hugs}}}. Glad it all work out. I do like that Coco Chanel-esk stripe too.~cheers

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    1. That CC stripe is one of the most worn tops in my wardrobe.
      I have always love cord – probably being a child of the 70s was a help! I agree that it’s a classic and timeless look. And so hardwearing and comfortable too!

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