More Earthquake updates.

Thanks so much for all your kind words and support. It has meant so much and I have so appreciated it.

For those of you who are interested to know more, I thought this video might be of interest.

Watch here.

Our city has fared surprisingly well. I think because everything that has fallen down already has, and the things that haven’t have either been strengthened and repaired, or are in that process.

For Kaikoura, where the quake hit, it’s a different story. Kind thoughts and prayers for my fellow New Zealanders are much appreciated.

Arohanui x



17 thoughts on “More Earthquake updates.

  1. This is a sobering reminder that the earth is not a static entity. It’s so easy to lose that awareness as we live a busy life. I found the video did a good job of communicating what happened. In the beginning, the first few seconds looked like a scene from a movie. It didn’t seem real and then one after another the suffering and damage came through so well. It’s better than a newscast with one of those talking head interviewers who do fly in from a big station and have no direct connection to what happened.

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  2. I second Lesley’s comment. it must be very stressful. There are often earthquakes in Italy, though only one big one in Gianni’s region (when he was young). These days he mostly feels some light shaking in Florence. Take care and all the best to your fellow countrymen.

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  3. I am so glad you are ok . My DIL mother is hunkered down at Kaikora school .her whole life has been changed and only 6 months after losing her husband . Life is very tough sometimes😔


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