Is it a top? Is it culottes? No, it’s a faux-jumpsuit.

Subtitle: An ode to the generosity of other sewers.

I have wanted to make a jumpsuit for a while. But let me tell you, I have a solid aversion to getting mostly naked to pee anywhere apart from my own home or a camping trip. Enter the ‘faux-jumpsuit’ – a two-piece masquerading as a one-piece. All of the fun, none of the risk.


This fabric is something I picked up second-hand in Dunedin at Nurse Maude while on a sister getaway recently. I don’t know what it is, but it drapes beautifully. It wasn’t super-fun to sew, but you can’t have everything right?

The Bottom


The lovely Camilla from Making and Marking was having a pattern de-stash and I scored this pattern which I have seen and wanted but couldn’t seem to find to buy. So generous! I love culottes, and the soft draping details on this pattern are very appealing.

I cut the straight 12 and didn’t make any changes to this pattern apart from adding half a centimetre to top of the pants on the right hip.


This pattern is VERY simple. Like no stay-sticthing, finishing details lacking, and odd construction. Particularly pockets. I think all Indie pattern companies should have to attend a pocket construction bootcamp – I’m looking at you too NAMED!

I pretty much ignored that and did what I thought best. I love the cut and their patterns really seem to fit me. So I can overlook most/some things!

The Top


This is the first time I’ve made this pattern. It was in a big stash of vintage patterns that my sister was given. She took all the dresses and I took all the separates – win! I fell in love with this top but there were no instructions 😦 so we did an internet search, found this lovely lady who had also made the pattern and emailed her and she photocopied and posted my sister the instructions – I love the sewing community! ❤ [For the life of me I can’t find her blog now.]


The pattern was one size, a *vintage* 12 so that’s what I made. I crossed my fingers, took a deep breath and just gave it a crack. It pulls a little across the chest and next time I will add about 2.5 cms to the length of the top in the top piece, but I used literally every scrap of fabric I could even getting this cut out so there was no time for fabric generosity here.

Very easy construction and came together quickly. I did lower the neck line a little and didn’t bind the sleeves, I just hemmed them while the top was still open at the sides.

I do love this top and can see I will make it again. With a few minor adjustments.

The Jumpsuit

I’m pretty damn pleased with the overall look of this together. There wasn’t even the slightest possibility of pattern matching with how greedy I was being so, whatever. Thinking with fancy shoes and red lippie for going out,  or sneakers and a denim jacket for those moments when I’m trying to seem cool. But also can see myself getting a lot of wear out of the single pieces as well.



34 thoughts on “Is it a top? Is it culottes? No, it’s a faux-jumpsuit.

  1. The proportions between the pants and the top is excellent. It’s just right. That is the tricky part of working with different patterns from different eras. Here you got it right. And yes, it does look like the pieces were intended to be one.

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  2. Nice how working from secondhand fabric can liberate one from pattern matching. I enjoy whenever that happens too, like, “well, it’s not up to me, the fabric has spoken.” And in this case the print and the drapiness of the garment keep the eyes moving enough that matching/not matching isn’t even an issue.
    I like that you have three possible garments here too! Smart!

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  3. Thank you for having the courage to speak the almost unspeakable truth about jumpsuits and bathroom trouble! You have a very cool ensemble here. Which you can pair with other items, so it’s a winner on all fronts 🙂

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  4. Lovely, as always. And may I say that I like the look of your weather?? A nice use of fabric and a super solution to the peeing problem. I had a formal jumpsuit that was styled to look like a sleeveless tuxedo and that I loved when I was in my twenties. I remember freezing in bathrooms, tipsy, whenever I had to use the loo though!

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    1. Yes, we are coming into what is meant to be our best summer in a while. Bodysuits were the same when I was younger. Nothing like fiddling with crotch snaps while trying to hold it in!


    1. Thanks Siobhan. Yup! I am a real child when I need to go to the toilet, I leave it until it’s waaaaaay too late to be wrestling with a strip in a cubicle.


  5. This looks brilliant, it looks so comfy and relaxed, Plus it really flatters you. I’d never think to make matching items with the same fabric and its such a good idea. I’m also loving that the lady sent you the instructions, how nice!


  6. I like it – it is dressy but comfortable. I really like that it ISN’T a jumpsuit. I always find jumpsuits difficult to fit on me – the trouser part is just as complicated as making a pair of trousers – either too loose and baggy or too tight. I just can’t find the right fit! Your two piece version is the perfect solution!


  7. I love your faux jumpsuit! I ‘m just like you…averse to pulling everything off to pee. This is such a perfect solution. That fabric looks so drapery and lovely. What a nice a ‘score’.

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  8. So pretty! I really can understand your argument against jumpsuits, they seem so unreasonably unpractical to me as well. Like bodysuits without snaps, maybe even worse. But I like the look of them and really like the idea of faking one 🙂 Chapeau!

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