Linen Lilac Lounge Love.


Finished – hoorah! And I wore them solidly all weekend. You will see here that I tried to style them as per the pattern art work. A little hat-tip to my girl Liza Mae.


These puppies are 100% from stash: linen from the #gfh16; thread was from an advent swap from many years ago, in a blogosphere far, far away; and buttons from stash.


(I’ve taken to buying jars of buttons from op-shops whenever I see them at a reasonable price. And it pays off!)

There’s very little to say here, but brief notes follow.


  • I made my standard addition of 0.5cm at the right hip – in this case on the umpire waistband – to accommodate my higher right hip.
  • I added a few inches to the leg length just in case after holding the pattern piece up against my body. A good call, as I used all that length.
  • Because I was using smaller buttons I put 7 on the side rather than 5. Bonus is these are so slouchy I only have to undo 3 plus the left hand strap. #winning


Don’t look too closely at:

  • I did the buttonholes first and forgot to consider the width of the straps, so the buttons on the bib are a little head-light-esque.
  • I’m going to buy an overlocker this year. And it’s when I sew with fabric like linen I wish I already had one.

Overall (pun 100% intended) I’m happy with these. For hot, blowy summer days when my legs are hairy (most days FYI, not sorry for the overshare at all 😉 ) these are exactly the kind of thing I want to be wearing.

Outfit deets:

  • Blue singlet and red espadrilles – second hand, same op-shop, different day
  • Necklace – a gift


In other news:

I’ve been thinking a bit about this quote:

“Remember sitting in history, thinking: ‘If I was alive then, I would’ve…’ You’re alive now. Whatever you’re doing is what you would’ve done.” – David Slack

What I’m doing is creating. But I’m not sure that’s of much use to the world in it’s current state. Thoughts?




25 thoughts on “Linen Lilac Lounge Love.

  1. Love these overalls! They look like so much fun. I think about that quote a lot too, more in refererence to the ordinary-townspeople-turned-white-supremacists who seem to be popping up on my Facebook feed more and more often. I don’t know what we can do, but it’s a start to know you are not on the side of the oppressor.

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  2. They look like so much fun to wear. Comfortable in a classy way – winning!

    I think creating is an important thing to do right now. So many things are out of our control that it’s good to have a place where we are in control and can predict what’s going to happen (to a degree – there are always going to be those projects that go to scary places and should probably be burnt so we can forget they ever existed). Creators are generous people who have an obsession with sharing their knowledge and learning more. You just have to look at shows like The Great British Sewing Bee where people who are supposedly in competition with each other constantly stop to help their competitors and share their skills. Let’s create more creators! The world will be a much better place if we do.

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  3. I love those pleats and buttons. If Katharine Hepburn ever wore overalls, these would be it.

    I’m graplling with similar questions as what to do now. I know that we shouldn’t give up and I’m not planning on it, and yet I have to admit that I’m struggling. The darkness is getting to me.

    But I agree with Katie’s comment above: creating and community matter. Spreading good things matters. Cultivating kindness matters. Because that’s how we build lasting happiness. Everything built on hate withers, and sooner than might be expected. It’s terrible that it seems so many people don’t realize that, but they will, because reality always reasserts itself. Let’s work on kindness.

    Naomi, it’s wonderful to get a new post from you. The sun in your garden made me smile (and I’m currently snowed in and it’s quite literally dark outside).

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    1. Oh thanks so much – Katherine Hepburn is a total style icon, or as a friend and I like to say: stycon.
      I like your words: Everything built on hate withers. Very important to remember. And I’m glad to bring some sunshine into your winter! I will be glad of the reverse when the world turns.

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  4. I like how back is pleated instead of the usual darts. There’s still time to add a heart shaped pocket to the bib though. Just saying.
    Hat tip back atcha.

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  5. Wonderful! I really love the details in the back (pleats!), the styling and the colour of course! (I don’t care much for shaving most of the time, either!). I do like winter but the green of your garden is a balm to the soul…

    I’m rather brain-dead this evening (waiting for a late dinner :)), so others have said it better than I have with respect to your final remark. I often think about whether what I’m doing is enough. It will never feel like enough. But I try to do things that are good for my society and I think that creating is easily caught in that net. Creating and joyfulness ripple through lives and make us all better.

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    1. Thanks Steph. I too struggle with “enough” as a concept. But I do try and consider the affect on others of every decision I make. Which isn’t nothing I guess.


  6. I love these overalls and I really want some! Which is the first time I’ve ever wanted some. The wide legs and pleats and fab and they look great in pink. I’m going to search for this pattern but I think it’s unlikely. I agree with everyone above, I feel sewing is keeping my sanity and stopping me from feeling very scared.

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    1. Thanks Lynsey. You may strike it lucky on eBay or etsy. I have also not wanted some until I saw a lady wearing some wide leg linen ones and then the went straight to the top of the list!
      And I think keeping focus I making things with love is something we can do. And supporting other people who aren’t as fortunate as ourselves. And keeping speaking up. What a time to be alive!


  7. These look great on you. I have been thinking about some denim dungarees as love my dress dungarees. Great to see a blog post on here from you, missed reading about your makes x

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  8. Those are fabulous! I don’t think the buttons look like headlights :). You will love overlocking those linen seams once you finally invest. I bought one last year and LOVE it. My sewing pleasure has increased tenfold with that purchase. I might have to try to make a pair of those…

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