Check me out, Skipper.

Hello friends, how I’ve missed hanging out here!


It’s been a crazy start to the year with the show, Alex’s dad and family stuff, Alex changing jobs, and a horrific bout of insomnia early on. But here I am. I survived being the #seniorcastmember in Priscilla, had a great time doing the season, and am very happy to be back to something that feels a bit more like normal life.

So back to the sewing: I have limited mileage with Papercut Patterns. I love that they are NZ made, I love their packaging and styling, I just am hit and miss with their designs. I have made 3 versions of the Rigel Bomber: one, two, three(Version 1 has since departed my wardrobe, which I kind of regret.) My experience with the Bowline Sweater was an unmitigated disaster, and when my Guise Pants were retrieved from their summer storage and I wore them last week I felt a little more than meh about them. Then a friend who is several sizes larger than me tried them on and they looked amazing on her. She now has them. Yeah.


So, while I don’t think I will be buying any more Papercut patterns, I do feel good about the Skipper Tunic, Variation 3 that I am sporting here. I cut out the Small from the get go. For some reason I really struggle to think of myself as a Small (because I am not and I don’t find sizing up flattering because I don’t care about that s**t) and because of the 1cm seam allowances I worry that I will be caught short. However the evidence states that, clearly, I am a Small in their patterns.

This check is again from some massive second-hand haul of my sister’s, she is very kind to share these with me. This has that awesome 80s vibe with the gold thread in the weave. It’s light weight cotton (I assume) which means I should get a lot of trans-seasonal wear out of it. I’m wearing a merino top underneath it today and it feels perfect for Christchurch autumn. It doesn’t photograph amazingly well, but I think it looks great IRL.


This pattern came together easily, good instructions, and simple construction. Next time I will stay stitch the neckline of the garment as the collar needs to fit exactly and this time I adjusted the shoulder seams as I pinned it. I’ll also lower the darts 4cm as they sit too high on me.

I already have some stash fabric awaiting a second version of this. Heigh ho, anchors aweigh!

Don’t look too closely at:

The welt finish closure of the collar. I tried to get a straight line, but I had to admit defeat in the end. Thankfully the next iteration will not be made of check or stripes so I can fudge away happily.


Outfit deets:


33 thoughts on “Check me out, Skipper.

  1. So glad you are back and that all went well. I also went through a bout of insomnia recently so I know how dreadful that is. Here’s to some more restful days to come.

    I think the top is adorable and I love the fabric! It looks great in that outfit combo and of course I adore the boots. I also agree with you about vanity sizing. I always have a laugh in Italy as they inevitably point out to me that I am not an Italian small. I can live with that!

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    1. Vanity sizing – yes, the perfect expression! I’m looking forward to the next iteration of this top, think you will ❤️❤️❤️the fabric and colours.


    2. When my other sister lived in Korea we were shopping one day. It’s not really a ‘trying on’ culture but I wanted to try something on. The salesperson said to my sister (who is fluent) “Why does she need to try it on? We have an extra large.” !!!!


  2. Yay, a new post from one of my favorite bloggers! 🙂 Happy to see you were able to find some sewing time in what sounds like a really intense several months. I hope you’re getting some rest, too!

    I haven’t tried Papercut, but I keep stumbling on beautiful versions of the Sigma dress, which keep tempting me to investigate that one further. I remember the collection with the Skipper tunic. I don’t usually go for things with a nautical vibe, so I merely glanced at the patterns (my mistake). I actually didn’t know this pattern included the view you made. That’s such an interesting collar! The top looks like a really versatile piece. I can imagine it in a range of different fabrics, for different occasions. Hmm… Maybe I should take another look at that collection 😉

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    1. What a sweet thing to say! Made my morning! I actually bought this pattern to make Variation 2, but that feels more like a summer top. I tend to thrash top patterns until I can’t stand the sight of them anymore so it’s nice to have a new horse in the stable. And glad to have a pattern of theirs that I will use heaps. I do love them – perhaps they are just a bit ‘cool’ for me? Hmm, not sure. Thanks for your lovely comment!

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  3. Glad to see you blogging! I bet being in a professional show would be all-consuming. I’ve ummed and ahhed about Papercut Patterns before, but I just can’t bring myself to fork up for the $30 price tag. I’m glad this one was a success, and I think it would look good in the dress variation!

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    1. It certainly didn’t leave much room for anything else. I like the dress but not the lace up neckline. Perhaps I might make this variation in the dress length at some point. That will be a reason to continue to not buy the Inari 😂although I think I’ll probably succumb at some point.


  4. Nice to have you back! I can’t believe your sister found that fabric at a second hand store! I’m wild about plaids and love yours. I’ve had a strange experience with Papercut patterns too. I tried the ‘bomber’ and it was ridiculous on me, it looked like a clown suit. Still they have great styles and I envy those who enjoy them. You’re tunic is a great example. Great style and it looks good on you!

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    1. Me and my sister seem to have very good luck at the second hand shops. There is one very near me that often have really great second hand fabric. I’ve also been given quite bit by people who know I sew. Very lucky!
      I had to work at the bomber to get it to fit right, and also it really needs to be lined – the pocket bags are ugly! But this one seems like it will be a little winner. Already counting the hours until I can cut out the next one!

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      1. Maybe if I checked the second hand shops habitually I would do better. Went to a fabric store yesterday and noticed prices are higher than ever! I love the way Papercut designed the neckline on that tunic, just might have to give them another try.

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      2. I think with second hand shops it’s being regular with checking what they have. I will be interested to see if you give this top a go. Just be warned their sizing runs super large!

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  5. Lovely top. I am now feeling quite nostalgic for that 80’s check with the glittery thread. My friend’s mom always wore shirts made from it, paired with her “casual” gold bracelets, and I thought she was the most casually elegant person I ever saw in my life.

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  6. Welcome back, I’ve missed your sewing posts. But that’s just me being ‘sew’
    selfish,eh, (wink). There is life beyond here,LOL, and your show looked amazingly fun. Bravo. Now back to sewing…love the fabric,style and sleeve length. fit looks perfect on you. I can relate to sizing with patterns,ugh. Cheers to your changing season, a bit of normal and autumn in your garden looks colourful. 😀

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  7. I had a plaid shirt I think with a lurex thread when I was about intermediate age. I loved that fabric.

    I have made Papercut Anima and Papercut Undercover Hoodie. They have been made quite a few times now and there will be more. I made up the flutter blouse which I do like but it is not quite me. I have Papercut Riegel but am yet to make it up. It is on my winter sewing plan though. While I like the look of their dresses, I tend to not really be a big dress wearer so investing so much in a pattern doesn’t sit well although the Skipper does look intriguing. I really like the neckline on your version.

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    1. I like all the variations on the skipper. I probably won’t make up the dress as I’m not much of a dress person either. But I think I will get some good mileage out of the other two variations.


  8. Glad to see you back! ❤

    I really like this fabric + pattern combo! (I had no idea metallic-threaded plaids were 80's, but in theory that makes sense: more was more, hehe!) Definitely a great top for fall weather, especially with those awesome boots. 🙂 Can't wait to see your next Skipper!

    I've never made a Papercut pattern–their designs don't really "click" for me–but I've seen their sizing and I do. not. get. it. It seems so "off," at least to me. And even with all the vanity sizing, the range of sizes they offer is really, really limited as well. =/

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