Ahoy there Autumn.

So here’s Skipper #2.


This one is made with a lovely autumnal floral in a light weight wool. Another second hand fabric gift from my sister. I’ve made the neckband out of a navy from my stash, as the other colours aren’t the best for me. The navy is definitely a man-made fibre of some kind. It was almost water repellent when I washed it!

Other than stay-stiching the neck band, and lowering the darts 4cm I made no adjustments. This top comes together very easily, although I still struggle with the welt finish on the neckline. Getting things straight while sewing backwards and upsidedown (this is what welts feel like in my brain) is not my strong suit. #emergingskills

I really like this, but I do realise I have basically made scrubs. Which fits with my desire to wear pyjamas all the time.

No further comments really.


Outift deets:

  • Pants – Andrea Moore, made in NZ
  • Boots – Think these may be made in China 😦 but I will wear them until they die to ensure they do not become fast fashion casualties
  • Jewellery – All formerly owned by various family members






14 thoughts on “Ahoy there Autumn.

  1. Oh the joys of sewing repeats! I need to hit the pause button with the Helmi pattern and get some other things done. But it’s so relaxing to sew again something you’ve already fitted and change little details (or not)… This top is lovely, and the navy collar is a great detail!

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    1. Thanks. It’s super easy to make. I think I will do one more, but with one of the other neckline variations, and full length sleeves. Just deciding how those sleeves might finish…


      1. How are you liking this Year of the Sleeve we are having? 😉 I’ve enjoyed others’ makes with dramatic sleeves but I’m really not sure I’d manage those. For me it might be too much risk of dipping those in coffee and various other beverages…

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      2. They irritate the hell out of me – there I said it!!😂😂😂 I made one flared sleeve garment earlier this year (Oh La La on the blog), but it’s 3/4. I’ve bought the ticket, been there before, and decided that a return journey is not needed! Not only beverages, but food, those rare moments when I do the dishes…

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  2. I love that fabric and (of course) the lovely of blue as contrast in the neckband. I have got to try this pattern. It looks chic without being fussy. Whatever challenges you faced on that neckline are not obvious from here.. it looks perfect!

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