First day of work culottes.

So I have a new job. I am managing a campus in the central city for our University. Without going into a long winded explanation of the minutiae of the job, the main responsibilities are outreach, promotion, event management, operational management, stakeholder engagement and generally trying to keep academic staff, general staff, upper management, students and the wider public engaged and happy with with a new campus – which just happens to be in a heritage building that was the site of the University when it first started in the late 1800s.


I’m at day two, and and the avalanche of new information has me pretty wiped, I’m not going to lie. But it’s a great job for me and I have been ready for a change in job for some time now.

To commemorate my first day, I made some new pants.

I bought this pattern for $1 from my sister’s church’s op-shop a few years ago. The material I – some sort of bouncy poly something – I purchased for $2 from my local favourite op-shop, ReStore. The buttons were in my stash, and the zip came from my sister’s stash. So I bought two reels of thread, and some d-rings, and I made these cute little culottes.


The pattern was a 12 (vintage) so it was too small through the waist, which was easy to remedy by letting out some of the pleating in the pattern and grading the side seams out to 1cm instead of 1.5cm above the hip. I didn’t make any other adjustments apart from attaching the waistband lower by 0.5cm on the right hand side, to accommodate my higher right hip. Next time I would shorten the front crotch a little, but the back crotch was fine, which is not usual for me.

I love the details in these pants. You can’t really tell from the photos but the waistband wraps around itself, with one side feeding through a button hole opening and the side seam and both ends of the waistband attaching to the D rings. I also like the side pockets, the wee flaps over the tops of the pockets. Top-stitching in white helps emphasise these cool wee touches and I am pleased with the end result.

Pictured here with my – slightly crushed – white Lottie blouse. Photos taken at the end of an 11 hour day, so we none of us were at our freshest.



28 thoughts on “First day of work culottes.

  1. Great culottes, quite 70s chic yet corporate-y 80s too! Please tell us you won’t give up the theatre though? Because in the words of Patsy from Ab Fab – “theatre dahhhhrling, marvellous”!


    1. No chance! I couldn’t if I tried. Although am happy new job isn’t coinciding with a show – it may have been my undoing. I like the 70s/80s mashup I’m sporting in the pattern too!

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  2. Agreed! Congratulations! I am happy to hear that you are in such a terrific new job (the first few months in a new job are always exhausting), but of course don’t leave the theatre… The culottes are very cool. I like the details. I like wearing my blue culottes, although I must redo the zipper on mine as I am so not happy with how I bungled that opening… 🙂

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    1. I will certainly keep performing, it’s a pre-req for me, and the Uni know it. I’m happy with my cute new pants, think I will wear them again – maybe even this week!


  3. A big congrats on the new job!! The first few weeks of a new gig are always challenging but it’ must feel good to be facing them dressed in your new culottes! They look great on you, very professional with a touch of trendy:). Great details and the fit looks perfect!

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      1. Pants are so much easier to wear. And when starting a new job the less you have to be concerned about your appearance the better! Your top stitching is so neat. I can never sew top stitching in a straight line.

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  4. Cute pants, Naomi. Congratulations and all the best on the new job! When I read that it involves keeping faculty members happy, I really do wish you good luck…I know first hand what whiny blowhards we can be! lol

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  5. Congratulations with your new job. Your culottes are beautiful and suits you well. The combination with the white blouse looks crips and gorgeous. The belt detailing with D-rings is so fab.

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    1. Thanks Sonja! Sewing is definitely the key to managing overwhelming nature of a new job! I had a lovely weekend at my machine too which was nice. X


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