Rediscovering my style – Part 2.

I found all your comments on my last post so incredibly helpful. Thank you! I took comments you made about my inspiration looks and distilled them into two categories:

Design elements:

  • Bold colours
  • Graphic prints
  • Androgynous
  • Wearable
  • Structured
  • Balance – top or bottom is holding more interest

What the style says:

  • Clean
  • Fresh
  • Powerful
  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Performer

It gave me a lot to reflect on and here are some key elements of what I have now recognised in terms of my own style:

  1. Although I love print, there is a lack of bold, colourful, graphic prints in my wardrobe. There are some bright florals, and 1 or 2 pieces that are very strong, but this is an area I can explore. One of my favourite dresses is a vintage 70s long sleeved sheath in a bold graphic turquoise print. I feel a million dollars in this. My Van Gogh dress also gets a lot of compliments when I wear it. I think the addition of a skirt in a fantastic print (in a style I can cycle in) will be something I get a lot of wear out of.
  2. While I often dress with interest on the top of my outfit, when I feel super stylish and “me” is when there is interest on the bottom of my outfit. This poses a problem with tops at times as I particularly loathe plain coloured knit tops. However if I can make some shirts and tops in wovens that work (I’m thinking Named Quinn, Inari and Oki Style Joker) then that will help. In the cold months I have some great sweatshirts and jerseys so no issues there, although good to identify that these garments are worth making as they are hard workers in my wardrobe.
  3. Androgynous and wearable are also big elements. I don’t like drapey frilly garments and when my taste is feminine, it tends to the 1910-1930s with a dash of 70s flower child. I love man style dressing and when paired with bold, colourful and graphic I feel like these are key elements of what make me feel amazing on those days where I feel like I have nailed it.

I’ve continued to analyse my Pinterest boards too and here are some other things that I have noticed as recurring themes:

  • Embroidery

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

  • Painting (there are sooooo many examples of these on various boards)


  • Stripes


  • Lace/velvet/sequins/metallics


  • Denim


  • Prints or details of stars and horses


  • Texture


  • Print


And of course, bright colours and all of the trousers.

I’m not sure how to, or even if I should, incorporate all this into one look. Sometimes I think that the issue is there are many things I appreciate but there are things that I should appreciate from a far otherwise I run the risk of looking like I am wearing costumes all the time.

One of the times in my life where I had the clearest sense of my own style was just after breaking up with my first husband. I basically wore black, white, grey (and silver), denim (and some blues) and a bit of brown (jackets, belts) for almost a year solid. Everything went with everything and I just felt exactly right – for that time. It was very pared back and very androgynous. I had also lost a lot of weight (breakup side effect) and was the smallest I’ve been since my early 20s. One of my favourite outfits was a pair of grey flannel school boy shorts (child’s size 10!) over tights with boots and an oversized jacket. Very rock and roll, and a little risque!

Then I get sidetracked and think my wardrobe would be complete if I could make a top like this:30821805230_ee6a170b82_k

Am I trying to have my style cake and eat it too? Am I just a magpie with no clear idea of who I am?

Any diagnoses appreciated!


8 thoughts on “Rediscovering my style – Part 2.

  1. In my opinion there can be difference in what you like and what you want to wear. Sometimes your wardrobe changes with the job (just like you described in your previous post). This also could mean that you’re looking for other colours and designs as well. Speaking for myself I travel a lot by train and have a folding bicycle to go from the station to where I’ve to be. That means I usually wear jeans or trousers, all kind of tops and short jackets. I mix and match a lot with designs. When my bottom wear is plane I’ve a top with a design and when my top has a design my bottom is plane. I also experienced that style various around the world. I’ll hope my answer will help you in your style search.

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    1. Thanks Sonja. It is a search but I do think this process is helpful. And I’m enjoying making some good workhorses for the top half and of course dreaming of some bright and individual other pieces too. (I miss seeing those folding bikes around. I’ve only ever seen one in NZ. Such a great idea!)


  2. Love this analysis, Naomi. There are a lot of similarities between your description and my ideal style, too! I also love interest in the bottom part of my outfit. Maybe it doesn’t have to be either or though and one can mix some pattern on top with something vibrant on bottom. I also agree that making workhorse tops is worth the effort. I’m going to be following your updates with interest! Oh and embroidery is on my list too. I stole a boom from my mom this weekend with lots of embroidery inspiration.

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    1. PS I am sorry that I didn’t really answer your questions! I don’t think you are trying to have your style cake and eat it too. I would say add one new item at a time, wear each item for a bit and experiment, or start with a small collection like a trio. You will quickly find out if that gives you a boost or if you need more of a jolt!

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    2. I’ve always loved embroidery. My sister is working on a jacket at the moment which she is stitching every day for 100 days. She’s kind of over it already and I am hoping she gives it to me 🙂


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