I love the Named Clothing Quinn Shirt pattern. Seriously, I love it!

Based on the finished garment measurements I made the 40 and graded out to a 42 around the shoulders and I love the fit on this. I lowered the darts ever so slightly second time around and that is it in terms of fit adjustments.

My brain struggled with the opening at the bottom of the placket, but that’s no surprise, and I feel like I probably haven’t done it quite right either time. I also wonder if there is a missing instruction in the sleeve plackets as I could not get mine to sit flat without clipping the sleeve at the top to the seam where it joins the placket. But apart from those two little quirks and sewing 2x 18 buttonholes and buttons for each, there is nothing I don’t like about this pattern.


The fleur de lis fabric was harvested from a $3 skirt from a second hand clothing warehouse. There wasn’t quite enough to get the entire shirt from so I popped down to Spotlight and found some chambray in the same blue. I also bought some thread. The buttons were from my sisters stash – all 18 of them!

The bamboo fabric I bought off TradeMe (EBay for NZers) and the daisy fabric I bought from ReStore, my favourite op-shop which is just around the corner and from where I have had some VERY good fabric scores. I had the idea of combining the two black and white fabrics and I am really happy with how this turned out. I left the pockets off this iteration as I felt there was already enough going on. Thread and buttons are all from my stash. The buttons almost all match!

Another Named Clothing pattern for the win!

(Excuse the poor quality of the photos – phone was used as camera was on the fritz!)


32 thoughts on “Quinning.

  1. Really great versions! I love them both.. I have this pattern and it’s now getting bumped up in the queue…Not sure mine will turn out half as great as yours! Love that the fabric for the one version is from a repurposed skirt…Well done!

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  2. LOVEEEEEEEEE! Both of your shirts turned out great, and I adore the combo of the Two-Face shirt (I mean that in a complimentary way, I swear!) with those red trousers so much! (Did you make those? Because the fit through the back is really great in that photo!) The collar on this shirt is such a subtle-but-striking detail; have you seen the collar for the Stella shirt in the newest collection?

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    1. Haha Alex called it that too! Sadly i didn’t make the red pants, and agree that the fit through the seat is fiiiiine! Something to aspire to in my own making.
      The Stella is my fav from their new collection. Also love those joggers **sigh**
      Making some Poalas next though 😉

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  3. Looking H.O.T. Naomi! Your fabric choices are spot on for the pattern, and well done on all those buttonholes – not sure I could have done them all without some sort of tantrum! Hope Named pin these ones 😉

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    1. Thanks Jo! I went and looked and they have!!! The funny thing about the buttonholes situation is that really it only took an hour do do the lot – tops. I think it’s a bit like doing the dishes, there always feel like more than there are and you are always done sooner than you expect.

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    1. I think skill level is always relative when viewed on line! I think we all look at each other and think “WOW”! So you would be more than able to make one of these I have no doubt. A tunic hack would be lovely. Go for it!!

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