A trio of T-Shirts*

*Plus some further adventures in fabric painting.

So I have been really struggling to get photos taken lately. Firstly we have been super busy and available daylight hours have been taken up with other things, the camera was out of commission, the weather was bad… you know, the normal reasons. This weekend I made a list of unblogged items, and there were 15!

So I am going to batch blog a few today starting off with these three t-shirts.

With the recent style explorations and a change in jobs I’ve been really appreciating the beauty of a well cut t-shirt. And here are three from three different patterns I’ve made recently.

1. Simplicity 8809 (from the 90s so I assume that the number is not current)


This is a pattern I’ve wrangled with a lot but keep coming back to and I think I’ve finally cracked it! It needs to be made with very drapey fabric. I’ve had this sitting in my stash from the #gfh16 (Great Fabric Haul of 2016 from a Nurse Maude op-shop) and TBH I thought I would just make a nightie out of it or something. But as it turns out it’s the perfect weight and drape for this t-shirt and et viola here we are! This feels great on and I love the outcome. The fabric piece was too small to cut pieces out in the same direction so the stripes are off set on the back. Bummer – didn’t have to worry about matching side seams!


2. Named Clothing Inari T hack


I haven’t actually made this pattern either of the ways it was intended yet, despite making it three times so far! I’m so bad! This is made from fabric sourced from the same shop as the one above a the same time. It’s a horrific colour for me and I just grabbed it because there was quite a lot and I thought I might use it for muslining – haha – or something similar. Then I decided I would make a t-shirt out of it, and paint the neckline with a bright colour to mitigate the butter yellow “I’ve had food poisoning for a week” effect. After a visit to our local art gallery where there was a Mattise exhibition showing, The Matissehirt was born.


3. Secondo Piano Basic Instinct T-shirt


If you don’t follow Sasha from Secondo Piano I highly recommended you do. This pattern was a free release she designed and it’s everything and more. I 100% recommend this pattern. This was my test make and I plan to make a lot more of these. In fact I just bought some denim look fabric in the Spotlight sale and I’ve been eyeing up a cute print at The Fabtic Store because I actually do not have any stretch fabrics in my stash to make this out of! What the what?

This fabric was a scrap my ever-generous sister gave me and is more like a sweatshirt weight knit. Consequently I will size down (to the M) for my next make as I think the L will look sloppy in a lighter knit.

When I shared this on Instagram Sasha commented with the most lovely comment:

“I love it ! The color ❤ I love how it looks on you in this size too … it has a more of a “we should all be feminists” and “I don’t speak Italian but I do speak Moschino” kinda vibe without being oversized … I think you should print something on it … in block letters. I also love the silhouette with those pleated pegged pants.”

And as I had already been feeling it was a little too plain for me and contemplating getting out the fabric paint again, this is the finished iteration. I love it! I chose this slogan as a reponse to the feelings surrounding the #metoo campaign that’s been going around social media: Women’s voices need to be heard. (Also: I am loud!)


So there you go. Batch photographed, batch blogged. Nothing fancy but done. That just leaves a dozen makes to blog about. Easy 😉

By the way if you are on Instagram, do come find me. I’m a recent convert and you can find me there at @nommyjoybubble


21 thoughts on “A trio of T-Shirts*

  1. I’ve been checking out the Basic Instinct tee for a while but there aren’t that many versions out there…great to see yours turned out well! And I love the slogan. I recently ordered a “support your local girl gang” tee – perhaps that could be your next project?

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  2. It’s painting! Wow at first glance I thought it was printed … looks perfect! What tipe of paint do you use? I like all three but I love the Basic … I’m biased, I made the pattern 😂 and I’m really glad you liked it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sasha! You should be biased, it’s a great pattern! And far better that the photos do justice. The paints are a brand called Pebeo Setacolor. Very easy to work with.


  3. I love them all but especially the Inari version. It looks like something you’d wish you could afford in an expensive artsy shop:) there’s nothing better than a new assortment of tee tops in your wardrobe, except maybe the knowledge that your stash is reducing….

    Liked by 1 person

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