March 2018.

A little late with my monthly round up and a very quiet month creatively speaking. It was a heavy work month and so there was not a lot of time for other things.


While I didn’t do any garment sewing I did make 25 metres of bunting for my friends art project she organised over Easter weekend. Sadly I wasn’t able to be there as we were out of town, but it was nice to be there in spirit. With the time frame I had, this was a case of “done is better than perfect” but as everyone pointed out, when bunting is waving happily in the breeze no-one is looking at the sewing.

I also finished my mum’s birthday present. She requested some placemats. I almost completely blew this project by cutting the fabric out with the print running the wrong way! When I realised I had to sew the fabric back together – pattern matching like a bad ass – so I get at least all the fronts with the pattern running the correct way. But mum was happy and that’s the important thing.

I also had my sewing machine serviced in anticipation of some time off at the start of April. It’s so nice to have your machine back and feeling all shiny and happy.


I finished Orxy & Crake by Margaret Attwood. I really enjoyed this book and was really pleased to discover it’s part of a trilogy. I will head off to the library to get the following book out soon.

No other books completed this month – but we did visit the Library Sale, which is an annual second hand book sale the library run here in Christchurch. I bought 10 novels (for $30!) so have a very happy pile of books by my bed and am reading a few really enjoyable things at present.


I made the most amazing pear Tarte Tartin for my in-laws this month with pears from my parents tree. I’d never made one before, and it was delicious, impressive and very easy! Certainly staying on my dessert list for the future.

Well that’s about it for March. I look forward to having a bit more to report next month.

5 thoughts on “March 2018.

      1. As you mature I think you’ll express even more of your Mom. It is amazing how these carry on in a family. Does anyone else have the same or similar artistic talents you do? I recently learned my Great Grandmother’s family were seamstresses. The talent passed on to my Gran but completely skipped over my Mom and then came up in me.

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      2. I take after my Gran (my mother’s mother) a lot. She was musical, artistic, creative and dressed with a lot of flair. According to my mum she was also very gutsy and strong – something she only just told me about over Easter. So I hope I take after her in that way too.

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