May 2018*.

I have had a lot of fun sewing for Alex recently. Thanks to Siobhan’s excellent suggestion of the Ottobre magazine, I feel like he will never need to purchase RTW again.

To date I have made him two long-sleeved t-shirts, one in brown and navy floral, and one grandpa style in sage green with bottle green trim. All fabric from The Fabric Store.

May blog 3

May blog2
‘Scuse the terrible photo – the man only has limited patience for having his photo taken so I work with what I have!

I have also made another Esme cardigan for myself using bottle green merino from The Fabric Store – leftovers used on Alex’s t-shirt.

May blog1

Our oven mitts were slowing dying and so I decided I could make us a pair and whipped these up using a gorgeous piece of 70s fabric happiness that had been given to me, an old towel, and some left over wool batting that was wrapped around our bed when it was delivered. I still have heaps of it and hopefully will make a full quilt using it sometime. These are far from perfectly sewn, but I so don’t care! I save my perfection for things that (hopefully) wont end up covered in fat!

May blog 4

I’ve realised my dream of a pink and red Geodesic Sweater by Blueprints for sewing. I really wanted to make it all from merino but the red and pink didn’t go together, so the red is merino and the pink is a cotton in a similar weight. Initially I was a bit unsure, but I’ve now worn this quite a bit and have plans to make one for a gift for a friend soon.

May blog 5

I’ve also printed the following patterns: Sew House Seven Toaster #1, Named Sointu Kimono T so if I get some sewing time for me, those are next on the block and I’ve toiled a pair of chinos for Alex from the Ottobre magazine also. Happily they were pretty perfect straight off the bat.. And of course I am yet to make the Waffle Patterns Pinda Pants.

*This post is obviously very overdue. Alex’s Dad sadly passed away on June 18, a year and a half after his initial diagnosis. However he entered his final phase at the end of May so sewing/blogging/IG/normal life dried up for 3 weeks or so. But in order to keep these posts at a readable length, I thought I’d still publish this separately to June’s roundup. 

20 thoughts on “May 2018*.

  1. I am sorry to hear about Alex’s dad. I hope Alex is doing OK.

    Great sewing though, Naomi, and I think your hair looks terrific. The red and pink top particularly appeals to me, with the graphic design.That would be wonderful in so many different combinations and merino is a great choice. Alex looks very happy and comfortable in his tops, too.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and compliments Steph, Alex is doing well all things considered. I’ve also SWF’d you and traced the Burda trousers. Our city library – where Alex now works – stock Burda so he got me the issue I wanted. I’ve never sewn Burda though so may have to use you as my ‘phone a friend’ with some questions!


      1. PS I think you will be fine. They come together quite straightforwardly. The thing with Burda is just to pay close attention to the seam alloeance to add and if you are scratching your head take what they say pretty literally…:) You are an experienced pant maker so will know what to do.

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      2. I can’t work out the seam allowance thing AT ALL! It says “measurements for piece a include allowances”. There’s no piece a… but the rest seems Ok at this stage!


      3. The pieces with letter names are rectangles you draft yourself and so they include the allowances. The pieces you trace don’t. Instructions fo the letter pieces follow the first section of the pattern.

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  2. I am very sorry to hear of your family’s loss, and the ensuing (and indeed, continuing) grief; I hope you are all able to find comfort in one another and/or the love and memories that remain in the absence of Alex’s dad. ❤

    (And now I'm about to be tacky and flip out about sewing, k? K.) I need to talk about the first outfit on you here, because I LOVE IT AND MUST TALK ABOUT IT. It's head-to-toe fabulous!!!! The cardi and the contrast trimming, the pants (THE PANTS!!!!!!!), and the gray top to ground everything perfectly…I cannot deal with the fact that this outfit is so amazing and also not mine. 😉 Your color-blocked sweater is also very cool, and the styling is as on-point as ever.

    I'm glad that Ottobre is working well for Alex so far! Looking forward to hearing more about those projects as you get to them. Also: how do you like that style of oven mitt? I've never used one but have seen them (*cough cough* Great British Bake-Off *cough cough*) and wondered how they compare to separate styles.

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    1. Thanks Abbey. We have looked after each other well and Alex has been remarkable throughout. He’s spent so much time with his Dad over the last period as well, which has helped. The last family get together was pizza and drinks for Alex’s birthday in his Dad’s room.
      Totally happy for an outfit flip out *blush blush*. It was a trifecta of all me-made garments, and it really does always make me feel like I am winning at life when I do that. And also I do believe outfit envy is the highest form of flattery!
      I’m about to knock up an Ottobre sweatshirt for Alex today out of the most awesome 70s wool stretch, and purchasing fabric for corduroy trousers today. I’m having the most fun.
      LOVE Bake Off! I like this style as they can hang over the oven door handle and be right there when you need them. I guess I’ve always had this style too so it’s familiar. There are times when I do need to use seperate hand style but I generally just use tea-towels then, but you have got me thinking maybe I need a matching set… HMMMM.


  3. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    I think it’s important to take the time away from online activities — it has certainly helped me. And now you’re back with all these amazing, amazing garments and items (those are cool oven mitts!).

    I want to steal that Esme cardigan… Shhhh… quiet down, bad impulses!

    Many, many hugs 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the hugs and kindness ❤ As much as I enjoy talking about sewing and sharing it with my on-line friends, you’re absolutely right – time away was needed.
      I’m glad you like the Esme – I did worry when I’d made it that it looked like an old-man’s dressing gown! But I’ve worn it a LOT since. It’s such a great pattern. And yes, the oven mitts make me all kinds of happy.


      1. I have a piece of plaid brushed cotton that I’ve been staring at for many moons… I wonder if it perhaps wants to be an Esme, or an Esme-like garment at least.

        I look at your – frankly, quietly glamorous – Esme cardigan and wonder…


  4. I’m so sorry for you loss…sounds like it was a hard few months for you both. Of course, you needed to drop out of sight and take care of Alex and yourself…re: sewing…that oven mitt is so fabulous, as are your cool outfits. Can’t wait to see what June holds….

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  5. It’s always sad to lose someone that comes close to your heart. My deepest sympathy to both of you and your family.

    What a beautiful things you’ve made for Alex. And for your Geodesic Sweater: WOW – it looks amazing. Looking forward to see the version you will making for your friend.

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