December 2018 (and 2018 sewing round-up).

It’s always enjoyable to reflect on the end of the year with makes and stats. I made 56 items this year. At rough count;

  • 11 pairs of pants
  • 10 tops
  • 4 jackets
  • 2 tshirts
  • 2 sweatshirts
  • 1 skirt
  • 1 cardigan
  • 10 items for Alex
  • 11 non-clothing items such as bunting, napkins, tote bags, cushion covers, toys – mostly as gifts for other people
  • 4 pieces of clothing as gifts for people

I’m really glad to see the items I made most for myself were pants, and that Alex did so well out of the year. Of the crafty items, many of those were sets of things such as the metres of bunting I made for my friend’s art trail, or napkins for my Mum’s birthday. I also really enjoyed making things for other people, especially the jacket I made for my friend Toni.

I’m also pleased that over 2/3 of my sewing was with second hand fabric, or fabric remains from an earlier project. Apart from buying Named Breaking The Pattern, I only bought a couple of new indie patterns in 2018, as well as a couple of my beloved Perry Ellis patterns second hand.

Of the items I made this year, only 2 were wadders. 1 was a wearable muslin which was unwearable, but allowed me to majorly adjust a the Victoria Blazer pattern so I made 2 functional versions out of it, and the other was the Named Sointu Kimono Top which was not me at all. I gave that away. Perhaps if I had used drapier fabric it would have worked.

My favourite makes have been:

Without a doubt the best thing to impact my sewing this year was Trish’s Kibbe series. Now I think about pattern and fabric selection in a totally different way, and have my style archetype ‘Striking Creative’ in my head at all times!

December makes

I finished the year with a bang with a couple of makes I am super happy with.

Basic Instinct Striped Tshirt

This pattern is just a win all the way for me. I struggle with long sleeve knit tops; for some reason I feel really frumpy in them. But this long sleeve black & white striped T makes me feel so chic. The fabric was $2 from a local op-shop and there’s enough left for some other projects. What a score!

I have nothing to say about this pattern I haven’t already. I made a size M with no modifications except lengthening the sleeves. I used the Named Paola Turtleneck sleeves as a guide.

Perry Ellis Pant

I scored another vintage Vogue Perry Ellis pattern off TradeMe this year. It’s V1774, which also has a very interesting top pattern I am curious to try sometime too. This fabric was also $2 from a fabric destash event I went to. It’s a poly linen upholstering/curtain fabric so I overlocked each piece before I started sewing. That was a good move. I had to let out the pleats a little in the front as there was only 1 size on the pattern, but other than that these came together easily. When I make them next, I will add a little length as they only just made it to the length I wanted.

Burda Pants for Will

My sister and I made her son a suit for Christmas. She made the blazer and I made the pants. I’m pretty sure I got the easier job!! I did a blindfolded fitting where I dressed him in a hat and top as well to throw him off the scent, but by the time Christmas came around and he’d unwrapped the jacket he had pretty much worked out what was happening! They were acres too big so I didn’t have them finished for Christmas day, but brought pins with me so I could finish them first thing Boxing Day morning and deliver them to him. He’s such a divo (that apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree) and I think he looks awesome in his mushroom tuxedo!

Cigarette Pants

As well as some crafting for Christmas gifts, the remainder of December was spent toiling, muslining and creating the outfit I am wearing for our friends’ wedding early January. I bought this fabric in 2016 with a voucher from a friend and it was part of my Cabaret SWAP plans which I have been slowly ticking off the list.

I knew that I wanted to make something top-to-toe and had this idea of a faux tuxedo. When Named Breaking the Pattern arrived on my doorstep, the Utu Pinafore totally struck me as being the sort of thing that would work in a lux evening fabric. I did a toile of the pattern and it fit perfectly.

Then I went on the hunt for a cigarette pant pattern which proved trickier. I pored through my sister’s massive Burda stash and found two suitable options. Last month I toiled option 1 and did not love it at all! So I moved on to 3/2010/109 from a spread appropriately entitled “Stylish outfits for wedding guests”!

I did a toile and made the following alterations:

  1. Added length to the rear crotch via a wedge that graded to nothing a side seams
  2. Made the side seams straighter, less curved
  3. Took width out of both the front and back legs increasing that towards the bottom of the leg
  4. Adjusted the centre back seam for my sway back

Once I had done all these adjustments and made a second toile I made a wearable muslin up in this fantastic Cezanne-esque fabric I bought on TradeMe. I was pretty damn happy with the result and doing the wearable muslin was great as the fabric had a similar lack of ease to the silver brocade I was working with for my tuxedo.

I’ve decided the tuxedo deserves its own post so I am going to leave it there for now, and aim to post about the tux very soon! Otherwise you can see it in all its glory on Instagram (@nommyjoybubble and you can see all the fitting details in my saved story “Silver Tuxedo”)

11 thoughts on “December 2018 (and 2018 sewing round-up).

  1. What an incredibly productive year Naomi. Love the striped long sleeve top and the ciggy pants – cough, cough ;-Q so what is it that takes an ordinary long sleeved tee from frump to fabulous? Are the sleeves narrower than others perhaps? Looking forward to more of your makes this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, an awe inspiring year! I’m totally in love with those cigarette pants!! You are the queen of pants…11 pair is quite an accomplishment, and Will’s outfit is adorable! It will be fun to see what you come up with this year!

    Liked by 1 person

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