January 2019.

I like January as it always feels full of possibility and just a little bit like a lazy hangover from Christmas and New Year with lots of peaceful evenings at home watching the sun go down.

I also tend to get good sewing done in January and make exciting plans for what else I will sew during the year.

This month I’ve made quite a few things for Alex, altered a few tops that weren’t working for me, and attacked a few things in the mending pile.

Sewing for Alex

This month I made underwear! The magazine that goes on giving, the Ottobre Family Magazine, has a pattern for fitted men’s trunks. They use up the perfect scraps leftover from tshirt making so Alex now has 2 new pairs of undies that match tshirts I’ve made him.

The first pair were a prototype and needed length adding overall but especially to the back crotch depth. I also changed a few of the recommended stitch types from straight to zigzag as I had some stitching break immediately he pulled them on with the first pair.

Given how hard Alex wears clothes, how easy these are to make, and the fact that they use leftovers, I can see there will be a few more pairs of these in Alex’s future!

I also made him another 2 tshirts for work out of some fun prints from The Fabric Store. The navy waffle check is made from rayon stretch, and has a scuba like quality. Alex is getting used to this one 😉 Sadly no ‘on body’ shots of these have yet been achieved!

Serpentine Hat

I made the awesome Elbe Textiles Serpentine Hat from this twice upcycled fabric that I had made into a skirt I wasn’t wearing. **Side note: skirts are the most unworn garments I have, and it’s good to acknowledge this. Dresses, which I hardly ever wear, are actually a better investment of my time and resources.**

Because the fabric was lightweight, I used the stiffest interfacing I could find, and double interfaced the brim. It gave it the perfect stiffness and I think it is so chic.

I finished another one early February for my mum – will include that in next month’s roundup – and I have some leftover dark green wool in my stash that I plan to make a winter version from.

Eastbourne Trousers

I had the pleasure of being part of the testing group for the new pattern release from Scroop Patterns. They are a beautiful, wide legged, 30s style trouser with a yoke, front pleats and deep pockets.

Initially I planned to make these up in a plain colour for a low key, everyday kind of pant, but while in Melbourne for the wedding, we were in an awesome fabric shop on Sydney Rd and Alex found this awesome yellow amoeba fabric that just spoke to me! I love these and have some drapey, aubergine coloured, crepe like fabric of unknown progeny sitting in my stash which I plan to make a winter version out of.

Scroop Patterns are a New Zealand pattern company, and I would 100% recommend these beautifully drafted pants. Leimoni, who is the one woman machine behind the label, has a background in historical costuming and her vintage inspired designs represent the best of what indie pattern making has to offer. I really recommend checking out her work.

**Fun fact: scroop is apparently the sound taffeta makes. <3**

Red Top

This was a functional item to make and felt just as functional to make. The fabric is crepe which moves around a lot when you cut it and drives me a bit wild I must confess. This is made from my bodice block (which I need to rework!) and has French darts and I also made a fluted sleeve using a slash and spread method. While it wasn’t much fun to make, all the elements were free and for a slightly less than enjoyable investment of time I have a top that fills a wardrobe gap. The details aren’t that easy to see on the photo, red seems to present the same photography challenges that black does!


I have been actively following conversations in the on-line creative communities regarding racism. This has prompted me to devote reading and research time to addressing this in my own life. I believe that in a society that is set up to actively favour white people, preferably men, of able and medium sized body and straight gender that it is impossible not to have absorbed some of this structural discrimination and prejudice. I have really enjoyed reading ‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ by Reni Eddo-Lodge and am in the middle of ‘Ko Taranaki Te Maunga’ by Rachel Buchanan. On the ‘to read’ list is ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo and ‘I’m Still Here’ by Austin Channing Brown. I also plan to download (and make a donation in thanks for) the ‘Me And White Supremacy Workbook’ by Layla F Saad. It’s really challenging reading and good to be forced to look at my inherent beliefs and behaviours in the cold hard light of day!


8 thoughts on “January 2019.

  1. Great work on all fronts Naomi, I love that you’re staying engaged and challenging yourself. I need to get outta my comfort zone and read more , i’ll check out those titles., thanks. The red is awesome on you, fabulous hat too. X

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