October 2018.

**Reader warning: this post contains next to no sewing, and a lot of musings on personal style. Continue at your own peril.** For the last few years, I have participated in Slow Fashion October which is run by Karen Templar. I really enjoy thinking about my wardrobe intentionally, and – like many women – often … More October 2018.

Wardrobe Lineage.

A much shorter exposition for Week Four of Slow Fashion October. This week is a bit hectic but I so want to complete the thought process of this month long meditation. This week’s theme is Known Origins: Good (especially good and affordable) sources of yarn and fabric with traceable origins. And for the things we … More Wardrobe Lineage.

Homemade handmaiden.

**Long post alert** The conversation topic for Week Three of Slow Fashion October is Homemade. Check out Karen’s lovely post about why she makes her own clothes. It’s amazing how thinking and writing about something even for a very short amount of time can alter or redirect your thinking. Before I get into answering the … More Homemade handmaiden.

Long Worn, Love Lorn.

As part of Slow Fashion October, there are weekly provocations to consider that I am really enjoying. Week Two is ‘Long Worn’. How can we make the most of the clothes already on the planet — from taking care of and mending and wearing things longer, to thrifting, swapping, heirlooms, hand-me-downs, alterations and refashioning. I was sure … More Long Worn, Love Lorn.

Slow Fashion October

Even though this seems to primarily be happening on Instagram, this is something I am really passionate about so I thought I’d join in. Slow Fashion October is being hosted by Karen Templer at Fringe Association and this is the manifesto: A celebration of the small-batch, handmade, second-hand, well-loved, long-worn, known-origins wardrobe. Yes! Yes to … More Slow Fashion October