Oranje Broeken*.

*This is a bit of a play on our last name – van den Broek – which means “from the marsh” but broek also means pants in Dutch, and of course the Dutch national colour is orange so I couldn’t resist. Happy New Year all. Alex and I spent a month in Peru over December … More Oranje Broeken*.

See you in 2017

Hi friends, Sorry I’ve been absent, both here and in the comments section of your beautiful sharing spaces. It’s been a really hard end to the year for a lot of reasons and tomorrow we are off on an ‘off the grid’ a holiday for a month. A much needed respite. See you in 2017, … More See you in 2017

Is it a top? Is it culottes? No, it’s a faux-jumpsuit.

Subtitle: An ode to the generosity of other sewers. I have wanted to make a jumpsuit for a while. But let me tell you, I have a solid aversion to getting mostly naked to pee anywhere apart from my own home or a camping trip. Enter the ‘faux-jumpsuit’ – a two-piece masquerading as a one-piece. … More Is it a top? Is it culottes? No, it’s a faux-jumpsuit.

SWAP 2017.

So I think I am going to do this SWAP (Sewing With A Plan) thing. It’s pretty exciting, I’m not going to lie. Thanks especially to Steph and Kate for the encouragement to take the leap! Firstly I was thinking about entering because I thought it would be fun to do. I was trying to … More SWAP 2017.

How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb(er jacket).

Firstly apologies for being a bit out of action lately on reading and commenting on your blogs. This EQ has knocked me a bit, and I sort of ostriched for the last week. I did spend a lot of time sewing which was very restorative, and also some planning for SWAP. I think I’m *in* peeps! My … More How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb(er jacket).

Earthquake update.

Just a quick update to say that we are all safe and sound here, although we have had a long sleepless night and feel pretty unsettled today. Thanks so much to those of you who contacted me to ask how we are. Very kind and much appreciated. X

The Seamstress Tag.

So Emily Ann and a number of others have recently done this Seamstress Tag questionnaire that’s been going round, I think primarily on IG. It’s been so nice getting to know people more. Emily Ann also did a show and tell of her working space (in a separate post), and I’ve tried to incorporate that here … More The Seamstress Tag.

Oh la la!

I made french darts! And belle shaped sleeves (if you call them belle rather than bell it makes them french too.) I drafted this off my main top block and re-positioned the legs of the dart to the waist rather than under the arm. My totally-non-left-brain really rebelled, but I kept sketching and playing until … More Oh la la!