Nothing to see here.

When I started this blog, I had a strict format of what I was and wasn’t going to post: it was only a sewing blog, I would only post finished outfits, always include a photo of the pattern, always include a photo of the garment hanging as well as on person… I like guidelines, structure, an overarching vision.

I think that as I get older I am getting better at knowing what hill I don’t want to die on, and while I wouldn’t say that I am becoming more adaptable, I think I am at least becoming better at redefining parameters.

So today’s post is just because I miss being part of the conversation. 2016 was a lovely year for me with blogging. I made some connections with some very special people whose blogs I read eagerly, and whose comments on my own I treasure. It’s such a special thing.

So as Steph (one of those aforementioned “special people”) would say: Warning, this post may be a bit rambly!

What I am currently working on:


I have finally started on my SWAP items, but now that I’ve let go of any timeline and embraced the process itself as something useful and worthwhile for me, I am in no rush, and also will adapt the ‘rules’ as I see fit.

I’ve made one of the cami tops, out of a bottle green chiffon. This was sort of a wearable muslin to trial the pattern also. It’s worked OK but definitely one of those “I can tell it’s handmade” garments.


Working on the bias with chiffon was a challenge. When it’s finished I will do an entire post about it – the challenges, and what I will adapt for next time etc (I can’t completely throw my structure to the wind!). It’s currently hanging to let the hem settle and my Mamma is coming over this morning, so I may get her to help with at least free handing the hem into an even-ish state.

Other sewing

I made the shorts for Alex, and I have just cut out some overalls out of lilac coloured linen. The linen was part of the great fabric haul from Nurse Maude and the pattern is one my sister bought for $1. You can see her short pant version here.  While you’re there, marvel at how different we are. Same gene pool, very different result. And you can see one of my adorable nephews in one of her photos too.


My version of these will be the long pant version. I plan to wear these on the weekend with t-shirts and perhaps some chunky knits* as the days get colder.

I briefly debated whether or not to top-stitch and button in red, but then decided that perhaps a 41 year old woman wearing lilac overalls was already heading dangerously into kindergarten teacher territory, so I’m keeping it subtle.


Plans for this year:

I have some plans for thing I would like to make, and skills I would like to acquire this year.

  1. Complete my ‘Life is a Cabaret’ swap – more or less to what I planned. I’m giving myself the year for this.
  2. Do some more sewing for Alex. I would like to make him a shirt and I was given the Colette Negroni pattern years ago. I’d also like to make him some dress t-shirts, the sort of thing he can wear out that don’t look too casual.
  3. I am taking a course in raranga – traditional Māori weaving – in the second half of the year. I’m really excited as I spent last year learning te reo Māori (the Māori language) and this is a way to keep my te reo skills up as well as learning a new craft. I have hopes that I may be able to incorporate fabric scraps into my weaving as time progresses.
  4. *I am also going to learn to knit this year. I was taught when I was young, but somehow picked it up wrong, and have had a mental block ever since. Well, this year I’m crushing that block. A friend is keen to learn too, and I’ve already researched where we can take lessons.

What I am currently doing:

Most of this will have to wait until April however, as I am currently rehearsing for a large scale musical: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I am playing one of the Divas (the ladies flying in the video) and it is going to be so much fun. It’s a real spectacle! For a cast of 20 there are over 500 costumes and 200 wigs!

We are rehearsing 5-6 days a week, and so that means there is very little sewing or craft time in my schedule unless I quit my day job!

So alongside that, and spending as much time with Alex’s dad as we can, life is very full on.

Thanks for stopping by, blogging mete (friends in Māori). I value you all of your amazing work, inspiration, support and community.

33 thoughts on “Nothing to see here.

  1. It’s always wonderful to read what you’re up to, so I’m really glad you decided to post this! I’m asking myself some similar questions. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now and, while I miss blogging, I don’t seem to have it in me to post what I wish I could post…

    On the sewing side: you prevailed in the battle against the chiffon demon! The cami looks good!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words. Hopefully you will find some tranquility in amongst all the whirring stuff that overwhelms. I always enjoy reading your posts too, and it was other people posting musing and WIPs that made me feel ok about this post.
      And thanks re the chiffon. When I post about it properly, I will share some tips I have discovered along the way.

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  2. You made me laugh so hard. Yes, I am the ringleader for writing instead of sewing, and rambling!!! 🙂 It’s my special gift…. 😉 I’ve realized though that no one has to read. They can just skip the posts. I find that people always come out of the woodwork and comment when I actually post some sewing! It’s all good. I guess I just don’t worry about it anymore. There are some people who like seeing the process of thinking about and making things step by step, so it all balances out. Please do stay in the conversation, whenever you feel like it. I love the lilac linen and have been continually dreaming of a lilac linen dress so that has to get made soon.

    Re work… I have to admit that my first thought is that I want to fly to NZ to see you in that production! I remember the film from years ago and would love to see that performed. I can imagine how full-on that must be, especially in the current context with Alex’s dad. You’re going to be amazing, of course!

    Something I’ve realized is that SWAP is great but it IS more effectively managed when you already have TNT patterns that you want to knock off. 😦 I think I’ve made that mistake. I had the revelation today, however, that I do need more than two basic shirts and so maybe I will complete a more basic SWAP with only four more intricate items (i.e. the suits I am working on, plus another sweater) and the rest shirts and trousers. And THEN I can make the more complicated things through the year, as you will do with your special wardrobe.

    The weaving sounds spectacular, as does the language learning. Just beautiful, Naomi. I look forward to seeing the results of that. Moreover, I am obviously fully in support of re-learning to knit. Knitting is really not hard and is indeed very adaptable because it’s less exacting in terms of fit than sewing. It’s also very portable and relaxing when you are in places where you can’t sew – e.g. in the car, waiting rooms, etc. It is a comforting and creative hobby. You have so much GREAT yarn in NZ that it will be easy to find spectacular supplies, I would assume also on the second-hand market. Fun! And doing it with a friend, too! Brava!

    I also have a copy of the Negroni and have been meaning to make a version for Gianni for ages. I haven’t because by chance I made a “perfect fit” Burda shirt for Gianni in 2015 that he loves and would only change very slightly for a future version, so I haven’t bothered toiling the Negroni. That said, the style is quite different and I will definitely get to it at some point. I will be interested to hear how it goes.

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    1. Ah Steph! You’re such a babe. I love your musings and ramblings – always inspiring and informative. And I feel like I’ve gotten to know you so well as a result.
      I would say 100% come to NZ – for the show or not. It would be awesome to meet you and have you stay!
      Thanks for your lovely supportive words and encouragement. Xx


  3. Oh wow, I love the long pants illustration of the overalls, they look so slouchy. Yet cool. They look so much more comfortable and wearable than the seventies version of overalls, although I may just be saying that because I miss my 90’s overalls. They were giant and denim and I wouldn’t wear that exact look again (baby T-shirt, I’m just saying), even if my same old pair walked right through the door back into my life (which they couldn’t anyway, because I wore them until they really did fall apart), but I do miss that overalls feeling. They were so loose, like wearing a dress, but rugged.
    Can’t wait to see you version.
    You know, other than always a picture of the garment hanging, your strict blogging format is my same strict blogging format, which I break every now and then too. I think having a photo of the pattern is key, it’s so neat to see how real life compares to the pattern art.
    Internet twins already?

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    1. Yes -internet twins for lyfe!!
      And I rather quickly dispensed with the photo of garment hanging. Works fine for tops and dresses, but my beloved pants are not photogenic in that setting.
      Overalls are coming along swimmingly, only buttons and hems remain. Deviously oversize and slouchy. They would be divine with a baby T, however my 41 year old stomach desires more coverage. I’ve tried them on with a racer backed singlet top – working well!

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  4. I felt the same way when I started my blog, strictly book talk. Over the years it has expanded to crafts (sewing and knitting), baby stuff (I have a 16 month old), and other general stuff. I do try to keep certain posts structured the same way because I too have a need for it!

    Good luck with your production , sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you’re able to share pictures!

    And I’m sure you’ll pick up knitting just fine! Can’t wait to see what you get into 🙂

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    1. Thanks Emma – very kind of you! We had a long weekend and I managed to snatch a couple of hours so the overalls are almost finished and I just need to hem the cami top. So that’s something at least!

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  5. I’m always interested in plans – and then the changes that have to be made. Life steps in and alters them.
    Are you sure your cami looks homemade or maybe you’re being a bit too critical?
    Glad you’re back

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    1. Thanks Norma. That’s just what Alex said about the cami top. It’s always easy to see what you would change.
      And I also enjoy people’s planning posts. Always informative and fun to get a vicarious fabric and pattern kick out of.
      Thanks for your kind words.

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  6. I always love posts where bloggers talk about their plans and this one was really fun.I am so envious of your Priscilla Queen of the Desert gig as it’s raining men is a blast to sing. it sounds like you’re enjoying life right now and being creative in new ways. Isn’t it nice that our sewing machines are happy to wait until we have time for them again? The weaving sound interesting.

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    1. Thanks, I think we’ve discussed this enjoyment of planning before haven’t we?! It’s very satisfying.
      It’s Raining Men will be one of my solos and it opens the show so I am pretty damn happy with that. It will be a blast!
      And it’s nice to snatch some craft time when and where I can. Usually while the younger cast members are out partying 😀

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    1. Praise Jesus, no! They are quite specific and not at all pretty close up! But quite the spectacle from far away. I will post some photos soon I hope – and you will see what I mean.
      In one of the songs there are places in the score where it says things like “Lizards entrance”!!! This is quite unlike anything I’ve ever done before.


  7. Love that show you’ll have a fab time I’m sure!
    I think I think of a blog now as a diary, a bit of therapeutic writing, and if you enjoy the process then do what you like. I know you said before that you didn’t want to be on instagram. But lots of us are, or do both, or use instagram to link to the blog! Anyway, it’s your blog, do what you like and enjoy the process! X

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  8. May the sun keep shining on all your endeavors with rainbow bridges from one achievement to another. I will remain your loyal blogging friend and cheerleader. I think you’ve got it right in that you have to define the rules in a way that works for each phase in life. Structures should never be so rigid that they break us into pieces.

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