You Must Believe in Spring.

Usually I love Winter. I know, people think I’m really weird. But I love Winter. I love being cold and getting warm, I love layering clothes, I love seeing my breath, hotwater bottles, whisky, red wine, slow cooked meals, slippers, big cardigans, frost, and clear Christchurch Winter days.

But this winter has been kind of ass. So I’m really looking forward to Spring. The first signs of it are showing: flowers budding in the garden, longer evenings, warmer days and lovely cotton print fabrics are making their way out of my stash like tulips and daffodils bursting through the earth in our garden.

Which means it’s time for a planning post! Oh yes.

Already cut out and ready to go is a Named Clothing Inari tee (slightly hacked) from the blue textured linen in between the green and the navy below. I also have a sweet white deco style trim I’m hoping to use on this.


Here are some of the delightful fabrics that I have been playing with (all second hand, all in stash!):


I’m planning on making:

  1. Daisy print top left – cigarette pants. Oh how delightful they will be! I plan to hack this pattern and remove the front pleats to make a flat front. The rest of the pattern will work well. They will be slightly cropped. I considered the Ultimate Trouser pattern by Sew Over It, but it’s very expensive for such a basic pattern and I feel like I can get what I want by hacking the pattern I already have.
  2. Soft green floral centre top, and jade linen blend bottom right – Meisa Blouse by Papercut Patterns. I love how soft and feminine this looks but also modern. Great with jeans and skirts I feel.
  3. White striped shirting centre bottom – the Oki Style Joker
  4. Red roses middle left and navy and red rectangles bottom left – square necked, cropped variation of Skipper tunic
  5. Fleur de lis chambray middle and black & white daisies centre right – Named Clothing Quinn Shirt
  6. Bamboo print top right – as yet undecided, but a shirt of some description. Perhaps the Oki Style Joker, although that could ruin the print…

Lastly I’ve just spent a Spoonflower voucher given to me by a very special lady for Christmas. I’ve bought this fabric in poly crepe de chine and I’m planning on making a soft tea length skirt with it, along the lines of the pattern on the left below.

fabric 2.png


Last night I spent the entire night dreaming about making the Blueprints for Sewing Geodesic Sweater in magenta and red. So that’s on the list too.

Also the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater view 1 . I have visions of this in a quilted grey marl and I have just the right little decal for the front.

Oh my heart! When can I go home and sew?!

16 thoughts on “You Must Believe in Spring.

  1. OMG I love all those fabrics! I think my favourite is the daisy print with the red centres. Can’t wait to see finished garments xx

    PS: I also cannot wait for longer evenings, sunset at 6pm is still #SAD (as in unhappy but also seasonal affective disorder πŸ˜„)

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  2. I’m as busy as a spider spinning daydreams
    I’m as giddy as a baby on a swing
    I haven’t seen a crocus or a rosebud or a robin on the wing
    But I feel so gay in a melancholy way
    That it might as well be Spring

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  3. So many nice prints and patterns. I especially love the shirt patterns…I’ve been looking for some new shirt ideas, so I must try at least one of these. Daisy pants are a stroke of genius! And a bold print for a skirt. You go girl!

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  4. I love winter too. I’m looking forward to layering and getting my tights on again. Not that we have much of a summer in the UK anyway! I’m loving those fabrics, I’m particularly excited to see how your trouser hack works out!

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  5. Hear, hear. Work has been so busy, I don’t know when I might get to sew again. But I hope you get some quality time with the sewing machine soon.

    Great fabric and pattern pairings. I can’t wait to see that Quinn shirt!

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  6. That Spoonflower fabric is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. All your other fabrics are gorgeous too. You’re definitely not weird. (Or should I say, you possibly could be… I can’t be definitive on that, but not when it comes to seasons). Although I long for summer at some point around the end of March, it’s my least favourite season and that longing is very quickly sated. I love winter and autumn and spring and am total with you on the getting warm and toasty part. Bliss!

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    1. Thanks! Good to know there are more of us. πŸ˜‰I’m pretty excited about the spoonflower fabric too. Excitedly checking mail box each day 😍


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