Houston, we have a problem.

So much potential, such a fail.

I started with a pattern company I really like, fabric that I loved, and ended up with a garment that makes me feel like a bargain bin astronaut or a piece of roasted meat resting in tin foil before being carved.


Things I have learned or remembered along the way:

  1. I seem to be in between a S and M in Papercut Patterns. I cut out the M and made it up, and had sooooo much room under the arms and in the side seams I felt like I could take flight when I lifted my arms.
  2. Consider pattern and fabric combo. Maybe be silver crushed velvet isn’t the best fabric choice for a fussy, drapey design.
  3. Even when I took the top in, I still didn’t like the way it sit and fit on me. The bunching under the drape irritates me and seems present in every version of this I can find on line.
  4. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t like draping! I like clean lines and structure. Why did I buy this pattern? *facepalm*


So anyway, the upshot is, I’ve worn this top once, and think it will probably sit at the bottom of a draw until I can find someone who will give it a forever home.

And clearly, I am not going to make this pattern again. So if anyone out there wants a Papercut Bowline Sweater precut to a size M it’s yours! First in, first served. Happy to post anywhere on the planet.

The good news is my current make is going swimmingly. I will learn to love again.


33 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem.

  1. Keep up your hope and humor. This is what gets all us sewistas through those tough learning experiences. The thing about drapery is that it doesn’t always look good when you’ve got lovely curves. Take cowl necklines, for example. On a very small boned, small busted woman they can look very pretty because they are the center of attention. But if you have a fuller figure the cowls can be very unflattering.

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    1. I asked my sister if she wanted the pattern before I offered it to the community, but as a woman with a large bust and broad shoulders she just laughed at me! I’ve never felt so curvy before in a garment!!

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  2. We do live and learn – your description of yourself in this top did make me laugh! Such a shame it didn’t work out but I hope you can try a refashion to rescue some of that fabric.

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  3. Sorry it didn’t go to plan but thanks for still posting so I know it not just me that has these moments, bargain bin astronaut made me smile πŸ™‚

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  4. This is one of those patterns that I can’t decide if I like or not, LOL! Sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you, but I suppose it never hurts to try something, right? (And you got to do a good deed for a fellow sewer by giving away the pattern after your learning experience–hooray!) Onward and upward! πŸ™‚

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  5. I’m not a drapy fan either but they do look good on other people. It’s inevitable that we occasionally make a booboo but always learn something from it anyway. In your case you’ll give it to someone who will love it! And move on to the next project with more sewing knowledge.

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  6. I am sorry this didnt work out for you but dont worry – there plenty more patterns to try out there. Its so kind of you to offer to send the pattern on to a new forever home. I need to do that with some patterns I know I will never make again.

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    1. I have overcome the associated grief and have moved on. And really I just don’t want to see that pattern ever again so Sara is doing me a favour by getting it out of my sight!!!

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  7. What a pity, it really is pretty fabric. I often get drawn in by drapey designs and keep forgetting that they really only seem to work on tall, slim figures. But to be honest, I do not think your top looks so bad. Though I understand if something does not FEEL comfortable and right, the negotiation is over.

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    1. Funnily enough I have just paid this top forward to a friend who is diminutive but not willowy and it looks awesome on her. The thing is I am tall-ish and slim-ish and I feel like this top makes me look the opposite!


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